eFlow Forms

Stop putting too much time of your staff in inputting and transferring data from different forms and ease your pain with eFlow forms.

eFlow Form Processing

Is Meant to Start Processing Your Data the Moment It Enter Your Organization

Handwritten forms with multiple check boxes and sections, barcode etc. can be interpreted wrong and could also be visually deciphered. But with eFlow, you can address these pain points while making your staff putting their time in something more productive.

How eFlow by Viftech Solutions Works?

eFlow is an automated forms processing handling solutions exclusively designed to enable organizations achieving greater and simpler document processing on daily basis. eFlow uses a template based approach to provide efficient data capture from both the hand-written and printed versions of content from unstructured and structures form, entering the enterprise from multiple sources such as paper, email, image or fax.

What Types of Content Can Be Managed by eFlow?

eFlow by Viftech is a well-developed automated forms processing handling solutions designed to handle various types of forms and contents, that are mentioned below.

  • Civil registration forms.
  • Population census forms.
  • Birth/death/marriage certificates.
  • Driving licenses.
  • Customs forms.
  • Election forms.
  • VAT forms.
  • Identity cards.
  • Payment slips and checks.
  • Requests for passport / visa / work permit.
  • Pension forms.
  • Social Security forms.
  • Income tax forms.

One Solution for Multiple Content Management Needs

eFlow is a wholesome handling solution which can help you cover a wide range of your content management needs all at once without investing and worrying about multiple resources.

Increase Customer Retention

Quick data processing results in efficient services to customer and hence increased customer retention.

Reduced Response Time

Quick data processing also leads to shorter response time, which in return increase satisfaction level.

Efficient Data Processing

Efficient data capturing results in quick processing of the data and information.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Short response time leads to increased satisfaction of the customer .


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