Business Intelligence

Transform your data into actionable insights with our smart BI tools, that is cost-effective and easy to adopt.

Our Service Range

We provide our customers with unique products & services, developed at a faster pace, allowing you to improve your business process and outshine the competition.

  • Bullseye

    Use Bullseye metrics to give meaning to your data effortlessly and get valuable insights and reports

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  • Pentaho

    Integrate your data, create reports, dashboards, mine and extract data and transform it into something everyone can understand with Pentaho.

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  • Power BI

    We offer our clients Power BI services by providing them ways to gain insightful results from raw organizational data.

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Worked with Leading Industries

Viftech Solutions is the leading market player for providing powerful BI implementations, data visualization, dashboard creation, business reporting and data analytics.

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How BI can Transform Your Business

Business Intelligence tools are tried & tested which offer countless benefits, but you must be wondering how will it benefit your business?

BI tools provide you with a meaningful, data driven decision making by using powerful reports, dashboards, embedded data analytics and visualization. We have a highly professional team of skilled BI consultant that can help you get your BI project completed within your budget and time.


Key Benefits to Partnering with Viftech Solutions

Dig Deep & Perceive Trends

Drill down into each part of your data, and see evolving trends over time with visuals showing monthly, quarterly or yearly performance.

Stop Doing It Manually

Automated reporting and graphs save efforts and time. So instead of manual reporting, simply feed data into reports and Dashboards and have automatically generated visuals and reports.

Start Instant Data Reporting

Now, you don’t need to scroll though long list of numbers. Simply identify trends, and compare across periods to recognize opportunities and problems easily and quickly.

Top-Rated Business Intelligence & Reporting Expertise

Viftech has helped countless organizations in tackling their challenges with the help of BI solutions. We have an extensive experience in managing BI projects for all types and sizes of business enterprises working in diverse industries. Viftech is well recognized for providing Power BI solutions that are exclusively designed to gain meaningful business insights with powerful data analysis and reporting.

Viftech is proud of its entire team of BI consulting and development for showing constant dedication and interest in learning advance skills, tools and technologies, while ensuring their best application in developing high-performing solutions for you.


Why You Should Choose Viftech Solutions?

  • We offer the best prices in market with impeccable range of customization.
  • Viftech has a dedicated and skilled team of BI consultants, that works closely with clients to ensure all their requirement are fully met.
  • Client satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. We ensure quality, reliability and convenience in every product or solution that we develop.

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