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Viftech helps organizations gather crucial information and present evidence which create the basis of critical future decisions. Business intelligence tools are a great way of bidding different aspects of an organization against one another to analyze performance levels.

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Viftech is the top consultation company offering Business Intelligence services

Power BI

We offer our clients Power BI services by providing them ways to gain insightful results from raw organizational data.

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With the help for Viftech, you can effortlessly use Bullseye metrics to give meaning to your data.

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With Pentagon, you can integrate your data, create reports, dashboards, mine and extract data and transform it into something everyone can understand.

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Business Intelligence Implementation For A Better Tomorrow

Viftech Solutions allows you not only to understand but also to utilize all business tools available at your disposal effectively. Power BI helps you create collections of apps and resources from multiple sources to form reports and dashboards with colorful visuals in the form of data that can be understood by all. Visualize what is essential to you, and we will make it happen.