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Resource Outsourcing

Offshoring or resource outsourcing is a unique model which offers clients to farm out their services to labor at any other location, principally where the costs are cheaper. Pakistan has been attracting plenty of resource outsourcing contracts from all over the world, due to low labor costs and a highly skilled workforce. Viftech Solutions is providing the best prices and IT talent in Pakistani as well as in the international market, ensuring high growth rate and ROI to its clients.


Managed Services for Hassle-Free Functioning

Hiring and managing people for every new required skill or project could be hectic for the organization, and it also takes in plenty of time, money, and efforts. Viftech Solutions understands your business value, and hence, we provide defined packages of managed services to our clients, which help them focus on their core business value while leaving the rest to us. Our excellent managed services’ experts take full responsibility for the hassle-free functioning of your outsourced resources.


Our Client-Oriented Solutions Help Organizations of All Sizes

  1. We ensure quick service delivery to save your cost and time.
  2. Our team of experts highly value your input throughout the project to ensure the utmost effectiveness and efficiency, while also helping you increasing your ROI and lowering your expenses.
  3. We have no hidden charges and a dedicated team to provide high-quality deliverables.

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