Document Management System

Simplify your record management with our personalized Document Management System (DMS) that are designed to make document tracking, management and storage efficient.

A Document Management System

Is Designed to Optimize Your Record Management Process

Important documents lie at the heart of every business operation, and hence their tracking, management and storage is equally crucial. We provide our clients with super-efficient document management systems which helps them making their record management process simplified and well-organized.

What Does A DMS Offers?

A DMS is a software package that is designed to define, track, retrieve, manage and store your documents within defined premises and make your business processes paperless. DMS provided by Viftech Solution is supremely capable of keeping and managing multiple version of the document created and modified by various users at the same time.

What Are the Paybacks of Having a Personalized DMS Solution for My Business?

Manage, Store and Track!

Viftech Solutions offers you the ability to manage, store and track all of your valuable documents in one singular hub.

Check-In/Check-Out Feature

Our DMS solutions offer the check-in and check-out feature which locks a report while it is being worked on by one person.

Audit Trail, Annotation & Stamps

An audit trail is another form of tracking changes in a document along with the feature of adding annotation and stamps where needed.

One Solution for Multiple Data Needs

Our DMS is a wholesome platform which can help you cover a wide range of your data needs all at once without investing and worrying about multiple resources.

Less Paperwork

With a personalized DMS, you need to deal with less papers in hand.

Quick Access & Reporting

Create powerful reports with quick access to multiple data sources.

Multiple Modified Versions

Maintain various, modified versions that are comparable for quick analysis.

Insightful Decision Making

Contribute informed & intuitive decision making at the enterprise level.


Client-Oriented Solution for All Business Types & Sizes

We provide personalized software development services for all types of enterprises from diverse industries. Our solutions are highly acclaimed and trusted by the leading names in the global market.

Our Business Mantra

At Viftech Solutions, we have a proven methodology and a dedicated team of experts, which enables us to deliver consistent results with the best outcomes. While working with our partners, the following four considerations always remain at our utmost priority.


To Address Pain Points

Provide solutions that target your concern with immediate effects.

To Optimize Performance

Find ways that boost your performance optimally.

Always Stay Creative

We always push our limits to find the best for you.

To Satisfy Clients

Client satisfaction is always our first & last primacy.

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