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Viftech is a data warehouse development firm that is striving to be better than its competitors and is succeeding. We offer our clients quality solutions and consultation services.

Our Services

We care about providing quality data warehouse development solutions to our clients.


SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is offered to you by Microsoft SQL Server Database software and can help you in migration.

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SQL Server Analysis Integration Services (SSAS) is a business intelligence stack offered by Microsoft that helps you conduct analytics.

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SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a report generating software based on the cloud offered by Microsoft for analysis.

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The three database functions Extract, Transform and Load combined are useful for pulling data out of one database and placing it into another.

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This is an open-source relational database management tool that helps you emphasize on extensibility and compliance.

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Data Warehouse Development

We help you create ideal data warehouses for your organization that help you integrate data from multiple sources.

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Data Warehouse Integration

We help our customers combine data from various sources to create a unified overview of the organization for all end-users.

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Performance Optimization

We optimize our systems to perform tasks for you speedily and in an efficient manner with regular maintenance and updates.

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What Makes Us Different

At Viftech, we focus heavily on consolidating data to maintain security and the brand image of an organization. We handle your queries, your metadata needs and application development needs to build a data warehouse that suits your organization better than your competitors.