Data Warehousing Services

We know how to manage the Data Warehousing complexities to facilitate you with effective forecasting & business decision making.

Our Service Range?

We provide our customers with effective data warehousing solutions, so that they can access their complicated databases, quickly and easily.

  • Logistic Warehouse

    Data Warehouse Development

    Combine data from several diverse sources to provide a unified view of your entire organization.

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  • ETL

    Extract, transform, and load your data safely and securely in a data warehouse with our ETL solutions.

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  • Data Warehouse Integration

    We deliver complex data integrated solutions to gather data from disparate sources.

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  • Performance Optimization

    We regularly work to optimize performance levels in your project so that it continues to run smoothly on your systems.

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  • SSIS

    Use SSIS for the integration of data along with workflow applications.

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  • SSAS

    An amazing analytical processing and data mining tool available specifically online on Microsoft’s SQL servers.

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  • SSRS

    Use this web-based interface to prepare and deliver a wide range of reports that are custom and highly-interactive.

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  • SQL/Postgres

    A compelling open-source database system with incredible range of features and performance levels for all clients.

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  • SQL Server Development

    Viftech Solution provides top of the line database development services for the Microsoft SQL Server platform.

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Worked with Leading Industries

Viftech Solutions is a leading service provider when it comes to Data Warehousing solutions. We have been leveraging our expertise in developing big data solutions for enterprises of all sizes from diverse industries.

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We Provide Fully Managed Data Warehousing Services

At Viftech, our experts develop and maintain optimum data warehousing environment through daily task monitoring with the help of specialized tools and field-tested data warehousing tools. Our wide service spectrum includes data warehouse designing, data warehouse development, data migration, data analysis, data transformation, data governance and much more.

We use a proven methodology at Viftech to provide consistent data warehousing services which is comprised of a number of stages including Initiation, Data Analysis, Design, Quality Assurance and Rollout & Iterate.


Partner with Us & Save Your Time & Money

The role of big data analysis is resulting into several challenges for business companies. Exponential rise in data and information from disparate sources in different qualities and formats results in problem of its effective utilization and management.

At Viftech, we have the best-in-class big data experts, experienced in data warehousing, who can help you getting a full-range data warehousing suite/solution for your enterprise, capable of performing everything ranging from data acquisition to data transformation.

Top Rated Data Warehousing & Big Data Expertise

Collecting data from multiple disparate sources and centralizing it to one location; and then reporting this data into an aggregated manner to its actual users within an organization is a hefty and complex process. Viftech comprehends this complexity perfectly into its data warehousing services with guaranteed success.

Viftech is proud of its entire team of Data Warehousing experts for showing constant dedication and interest in learning advance skills, tools and technologies, while ensuring their best application in developing the sophisticated data warehousing solutions for your enterprise.


Why You Should Choose Viftech Solutions?

  • Viftech is known for competitive pricing with reliable solutions.
  • At Viftech, we have a dedicated and highly skilled team of big data specialists, who work in close collaboration with our clients to ensure that their requirements are precisely fulfilled.
  • We follow a proven methodology and step-by-step process for data collection, data transformation and data warehousing to deliver consistent results.

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