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University Management System

Systemized university management made easy by Viftech Solutions.

Simplified View

Any organization can vastly benefit from a simplified view of things, which in this case is a student and faculty dashboards. Viftech Solutions places a dedicated management system in place that allows you to restrict or provide access based on each, whether student or faculty’s clearance level.

Student Dashboards

What would otherwise be a disheveled institution can now be monitored and handled proactively with the aid of an IT firm like Viftech Solutions handling student dashboards in a university system where several valuable pieces of information will be made available to students based on their authorization levels. Based on the credentials of students, they will be able to access their class, and course information, personal profile, registration options, their transcript details, vouchers, and also can pay through those vouchers.

Faculty Dashboards

It isn’t only students who will benefit from the existence of dashboards, the faculties of an organization will have their fair share too. The faculties of your university will have specialized access to their own panels that will contain imperative information they require in grading and marking of students such as course information and overview, content overview, editing features, course participants, topic assignments and submission details, test and quiz scores, feedback, faculty profiles, certified courses and also the ability to create a new course for students.