University Management System

Simplify your university’s workflows and processes with our personalized University Management System (UMS) that is designed to make all your everyday institutional aspects easier and efficient.

A University Management System

Is Designed to Cover & Optimize All Your University Management Workflows

A university or an institution (with equal number of workflows and processes) has to deal with a lot on every day basis in terms of tasks. We provide our clients with super-efficient university management systems which helps them making their institutional process simplified and well-organized.

What is UMS by Viftech Solutions?

A UMS is our flagship software package that is designed to simplify workflows within university or institutions thorough integration while making the process efficient and quick. UMS provided by Viftech Solutions is designed to sit smooth and integrates well with other enterprise systems, along with a user-friendly interface.

What Does a Personalized UMS Offers for Institution?

Simplified View

Our UMS places a dedicated management system in place that allows you to restrict or provide access based on each, whether student or faculty’s clearance level.

Student Dashboards

Our UMS handling student dashboards in a university system will allow several valuable pieces of information available to students based on their authorization levels. Based on the credentials of students, they will be able to access their class, and course information, personal profile, registration options, their transcript details, vouchers, and also can pay through those vouchers.

Faculty Dashboards

The faculty will also have specialized access to portals that will contain information required for grading and marking of students such as course information, content overview, editing features, course participants, topic assignments and submission details, test and quiz scores etc.

One Solution for Multiple Management Needs

Our UMS is a wholesome platform which can help you cover a wide range of your university management needs all at once without investing and worrying about multiple resources.

Easy Authorization

UMS provides classifies authorization to students and faculty with defined limited access.

Quick & Easy Access to Information

All students and staff can access the information with simple login details.

Efficient Workflows

Quick and easy access to data and information makes the overall processes efficient.

Record Management & Monitoring

It also allows to maintain all the records of the student and faculty making them timely available for use.

Client-Oriented Solution for All Business Types & Sizes

We provide personalized software development services for all types of enterprises from diverse industries. Our solutions are highly acclaimed and trusted by the leading names in the global market.

Our Business Mantra

At Viftech Solutions, we have a proven methodology and a dedicated team of experts, which enables us to deliver consistent results with the best outcomes. While working with our partners, the following four considerations always remain at our utmost priority.

To Address Pain Points

Provide solutions that target your concern with immediate effects.

TO Optimize Performance

Find ways that boost your performance optimally.

Always Stay Creative

We always push our limits to find the best for you.

To Satisfy Clients

Client satisfaction is always our first & last primacy.

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