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Internet of Things has massively changed how we perceive technology and how it applies in our everyday lives. IoT is the unique technology that links all the others together, with a market value that is expected to go as high as $457 US Billion dollars by the year 2020. Many non-IT companies outsource their IoT services to reputable software firms in the market, and what better fit is there than Viftech Solutions?


Technology Stack for Your IOT Software Development

Internet of Things connects smart devices to the internet with the help of apps, websites, and softwares. However, its regular use includes the synchronization of virtually existing websites, images as well as all multimedia online within the world wide web interface. Internet of Things takes your hardware to a whole new level of advancement. With the help of Viftech Solutions, you can advance your IoT software development with the help of AI and machine learning. You can use your smart cameras for AI/ML facial recognition. However, you will not be able to achieve this with a software firm with a small technology stack. That is not the case with is at Viftech Solutions! We provide you with the latest tools for your project.


Our Client-Oriented Business Solutions for Organizations of All Sizes

  1. Many major corporations such as Google and Amazon were able to profit off of IoT software development services; you can do the same with the help of our dedicated development team at Viftech Solutions.
  2. We have the latest technology in the market to play with, thanks to our deep connections with vendors.
  3. All of our written code is carefully documented for you.


Viftech Solution’s IOT development cycle is precise and uniquely streamlined to meet your deadlines in time.



Your IoT project cannot start without a thorough examination conducted by all of our experts at Viftech, where we research the required materials and the existing data the client brings with himself for the project.

This step includes:
  • Material examination
  • Client’s needs assessment
  • Reference analysis
  • Research on the technology required


We tend to keep our clients heavily involved in the development process, part of which is the specification stage. During this stage, we gauge our client’s expectations and required specifications for their IOT project.

This step includes:
  • Confirmation of technology stack
  • Roadmap setting
  • Budget and specification discussions


During the design stage of your IOT project, our team at Viftech works on several user interface ideas for your project, which includes its logo, artwork, and color schematics. We proceed once you accept these.

This step specifies the following:
  • User interface testing
  • Logo & artwork design
  • Color schematics


The development stage is the most vital one yet as it is where our experts at Viftech Solutions code and create your IOT program from scratch during the development stage. We also maximize it to obtain maximum performance levels.

This step includes:
  • System engineering
  • Database structuring
  • Backend development
  • Frontend coding


Your IOT program runs through a series of tests after reaching each milestone to ensure there are no flaws and you receive the perfected and the most stabilized version.

This step includes:
  • Unit testing
  • System testing
  • Integration testing
  • Acceptance testing


This is the last stage of your IoT development cycle; we run last minute tests and deliver the project to you once we are through. After delivery, you gain access to a week-long guarantee period to test the product yourself.

This step includes:
  • Live server & environment setup
  • Code migration
  • Database migration
  • Final testing


You can retain Viftech’s services even after the delivery of your project for an affordable fee. You can hire us for either a one-time-only basis or every month to maintain your program for you.

This step includes:
  • Support and troubleshooting
  • Design and functionality updates
  • Server maintenance
  • Updates for third party APIs and systems

Why Choose Us?

  • Tech-Savvy

    We like to stay updated with the latest technology in the market, which makes us well-suited to handle your project.

  • We Understand

    Unlike our competitors who ignore client-specifications, we focus on what our clients have to say significantly and ensure that their requirements are carefully met.

  • On-Time Deliveries

    Viftech Solutions delivers projects on time if not early, to ensure client satisfaction every step of the way.

  • Expert Consultation

    We don’t just offer you our development services; you can also hire us for expert consultation services.

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