ZenCart is a simple PHP framework, which is used to develop an online store for different purposes. If you are still in the middle of deciding which platform to choose for your online store, then you should go for ZenCart for following reasons;


More than one display modes:

In ZenCart, you get the option of having more than one display. This not only gives the choice to the customers but also to the online store owner to display different products in different ways.

More than one payment modes:

For any online store to be successful, one thing that customers really appreciate, rather demand, is the flexibility in payment options.  They like to pay as their comfort and liking, this gives them a feeling of control over their online shopping and they return again and again to the same e-shop for their purchases. So having multiple payment options is must for any online store in our times.

More than one language support:

The purpose of online store is to have a wide range of customers without caring about any physical boundaries. Your customer can be from United States of America or they can be from India but for you, they are all the same. You have to cater to their needs in the best way possible to please them so they become your permanent source of income. And for that, language plays a vital role. It’s same as having a physical store, if your shop keeper talks to the customers in their native language; they feel comfortable and listens to him/her. Similarly, if your online store shows them options in customers’ native language, they are most likely to make an actual purchase.

Discount Coupons/Gift Certificates:

The best attraction of any online store is discount coupons and gift certificates. Any e-commerce platform would like to have more of them represented prominently on their website. And ZenCart development just provides you this option. You can have as many discount coupons and gift certificates as you require and you can represent them on the e-store rightly.

Viftech Solutions and ZenCart Development

Viftech Solutions has been providing flawless ZenCart development services for years. We have a proven track record of building an e-commerce platform based on ZenCart. You can hire us for developing your online store built on ZenCart.

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