PHP Yii is a free open source Web Application Development Framework written in PHP5 that promotes clean design and encourages rapid development. It is high performance PHP framework best for developing Web 2.0 Applications. It helps to ensure an extremely efficient, extensible and maintainable end product.

Yii Development

Why we have experts in PHP Yii Framework


It only loads the features that you need with powerful caching support to work with AJAX. And we all know that the load time is everything in today’s world for websites. If a website is taking too much time to load than it is almost useless.


By using PHP Yii framework, security comes as standard which includes input validation, SQL injection and output filtering. It is one of the most secure PHP framework and that’s why it is preferred by programmers and developers.

Time Limit

It helps web developer to build complex applications and deliver them on time. This framework is quick and efficient which translate into speedy completion of projects.


Yii framework ensures a clear separation of logic and presentation that help you to develop clean and reusable code. The reusability of code means that the programmers do not have to perform repetitive tasks again.


Yii framework provides large library of “helper” functions and support for Hooks and class extensions.

Viftech Solutions and PHP Yii Framework

Being a successful Yii PHP development resource, Viftech Solutions has rendered numerous Yii applications for a variety of businesses. Our dedicated developers for Yii framework build complex applications and deliver them on-time. Our Yii developers are experts in blending code from PEAR or Zend Framework in a Yii application to provide an excellent end-product.

  • 7+ years of professional experience
  • Solid business logics in specific Yii application development
  • Expertise in website development via Yii portal
  • Excellent process for project management and tools
  • Hire qualified and dedicated Yii developers
  • Guaranteed on-time deployment of projects
  • Fully support of communication via chat, email, phone and Skype
  • Solid experience in designing web application using (opps)
  • Cutting-edge skills in leveraging Yii frameworks Database

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