Why Executive Management Should Worry About Information Security?

maaz uddin

Published on 31 Aug.

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    In the age of digitization, information security has become a major concern for a number of companies, it has become a central concern for leaders of organizations. Worldwide, organization these days are taking major steps to secure their data. But why? Have anyone thought about it. The answer is certainly, no! As companies are making major improvements for the exposure of their products, their worries about sensitive information and information technology theft have grown over the past few years.

    Over the past few years, cyber criminals are constantly discovering new ways and techniques to tap the most sensitive networks across the world. So, how organizations are getting threats from the wide scale of cyber thefts:

    Third party entry:

    Being attacked by the third party software is one of the nightmares for a number of organizations. Cyber criminals prefer this least resistance path to attack cyber system of organizations. It is advisable for executives to get to support the system by establishing one a secure and theft proof anti-cybercrime system.

    Social media threats:

    As the world is becoming aware of the intelligent use of social media. Cyber criminals are making their way out to leverage social media as a media to attack the complex backend system of social mediums. Attackers usually attack websites which they believe members of the targeted organizations will visit.

    Non-upgraded security system:

    These days managements of firms are opting for effective and efficient ways to update their security systems. Moreover, they are taking vital steps to protect vital and sensitive data of organizations, which means new malware codes are designed to defend the known cyber threats. Hence, efficient protection soft wares are designed to preserve the information in the most efficient manner.
    However, it is of pivotal importance for executives of organizations to take major steps, while proactively protecting the emerging threats of robust systems of organizations

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