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Our simple to use risk based auditing solution allows organizations to standardize work papers, audit planning, execution and other audit processes in a productive and efficient manner. Drive exceptional business performance by aligning audits to strategic imperatives, objectives, and risks. Enhance collaboration in your organization, and modernize your audit methodology with connected compliance.

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Viftech Internal Audit Software helps organizations to manage a wide range of audit related activities, data and processes.

It provides the flexibility to support end to end functionality for managing the complete audit life cycle including:

  • Development of standardized audits and checklists
  • Audit planning and scheduling
  • Audit reporting and recommendations
  • Field data collection
  • Review of audit recommendations

Key Benefits


Manage your audit projects and conduct all of your risk analysis in one simple platform.

Boost Productivity

Set up work processes and automatic alerts for audit scheduling and undertaking tasks.

Real time visibility

Get real-time visibility into the status of your audit plan, issue reporting and remediation status.

Audit Planning

Allows creation of well defined audit plans and scope tied to quality, allocate auditors based on skills/availability with the resource scheduler.

Audit Execution

Enables auditors to record qualitative and quantitative findings along with detailed observations, and recommendations in predefined formats and attach supporting evidence with the ability to audit offline.

Risk Assessment

Streamline risk assessments for timely insight. Analyze risks across all pillars. Increase transparency, aggregate risk assessment data, and improve collaboration between the three lines of defense.

Issue tracking

Facilitate the internal audit management process with end-to-end process collaboration. Leverage dashboards and reports to review the status and audit trail of time-sensitive issues.

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Viftech Internal Audit Software helps plan, manage, and track internal audits with ease and proficiency . Our product streamlines audit planning and scheduling, as well as the execution, review and analysis of audit findings, creation of the final audit report, and follow-up activities. It provides unified auditing methods and report generation. It enables monitoring of audits process and external auditors and regulators are provided with access to audit data. Viftech Internal Audit Software is designed to make life simple, enhance productivity, and optimize opportunities that accelerate business performance.