Communications is evolving to support the transformation to social business. The synergy of unified communications and social networking yields “social communications” which can result in faster, expertise-based decisions and help improve customer engagement. Colleagues, customers and partners can find, reach and collaborate with one another through a unified communications experience that is integrated with their broader collaboration environment. IBM offers capabilities including enterprise IM, rich presence information, Web and video conferencing and built-in Voice over IP capabilities to help meet your expanding realtime collaboration needs.

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IBM Connections SuiteIBM’s social software, unified communications, and robust document management capabilities provided in a single offering.
IBM SametimeProvides a core set of integrated real-time collaboration services—voice, data and video, rich presence, enterprise IM, online meetings, broadcast community channels, persistent group chat, mobile, and more — making it easy for people to find, reach and collaborate effectively with others in their professional networks.
IBM Sametime Unified TelephonyIntegrates telephony into real-time communications with a unified end user experience, including integrated softphones; phone and IM presence awareness; and call management and call control across multiple systems.
IBM Sametime Unified Telephony Lite ClientTurns the Sametime Connect client into a standards-based SIP softphone, which allows users to place and receive calls to external phone numbers, video conferencing systems or video conferencing endpoints from their desktop.

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