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3 Uncommon Questions Concerning Mobile App Development Answered


Published on 06 Jul.

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    Mobile app development has become one of the trendiest thing in town for every business. Because, it has turned out to be one of the most profitable prospects for business enterprise, by resulting in increase in sales and revenues. However, both business owners and individuals planning to get their hands on a business app often get confused about a lot of thing that are mainly related to delivery time, and factors of failures etc. So, in this blog, we have got you covered for all the important questions that you may think before embarking upon your app development project. For your convenience, we have categorized your concerns into 3 main areas which include the following;

    What Is the Timeline Required for Mobile App Development?


    Mobile apps are the best way to make your company known to your target customers around the clock. The development process of a mobile app is not easy, but quite straightforward. Mobile app development should be based on the software development cycle to follow any development model such as waterfall, agility or iteratively. All in all, however, you need to find out what the purpose of your mobile application is to develop a mobile application. Identify how it will serve its purpose. And to ensure this, you need to follow a well-defined plan for development, including the design and technology used for development. Then build it and test it for errors so your app must be error-free when deployed. However, the most important aspect that a business owner needs to focus on when developing mobile apps is the time it takes to build them.

    To determine how much time your app takes to build itself, you need to ask yourself the following questions: –

    • What is the purpose of your app?
    • How can it help your business grow?
    • Who is the audience that will use it?
    • How does the app help your audience?
    • What are the specifications of your app?

    You need to share your vision with the developer or agency that creates your app and carefully analyze whether the requirements are clear. After analyzing the request, the required timeline can be released. Basically, an app takes 1-2 weeks to be designed, and the rest period depends on the complexity of the app idea.

    The big time it takes to build the mobile app is the development phase, in which most errors occur. The developer must build the app with ease of use in mind and check that all screens are working properly. This phase can last 2-4 weeks and with proper care.

    The next phase is the test phase; in which it is checked whether there are errors or errors that can be remedied over time. The time required for this can again vary up to 2-3 weeks. And the rest is based on the mistakes he encounters. You should do end-to-end testing where you can test the entire app before the app goes live. Before you start development, you should clearly communicate your thoughts and ideas to the development team.

    Reasons for The Failure of Most Mobile Apps


    Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store are filled with millions of mobile applications developed by millions of developers around the world. Some of them are just copies of others, but some of them can help change the world. Due to the large number of applications, the competition has increased day by day. And it makes it difficult for the companies that build apps to run their businesses towards improved earnings.

    Do not hurry to develop your app immediately if you have an idea for it. Rather, start by researching how to strive for development, which agency to choose, which technology is best, and the reasons why multiple apps on the market fail to mark their presence. If you follow these, make sure that you will not fail. Here are some of the reasons why multiple apps fail.

    • Purpose Is Not Fulfilled: If your idea is unique and innovative than others and can help make others’ work easier, your app will definitely work great. Most companies only make copies of the functions of the app that are already on the market. You need to bring something new and different that is already available. You have to drop the idea of ​​making money with your app, but think and build something that benefits users. If your app can help users and gain their trust, you are sure to succeed.
    • Complex Apps: The other reason responsible for the failure of multiple apps is that these apps are too complex and complicated to use. You need to create an app that is simple yet effective, and does what it was designed to do. If your users can easily access the app and easily find what they want, this is your first step to success.
    • Balance The Number of Functions: Before you contact a development company, create a draft by listing all the features you want in the app. Never include too many or too few functions in the app. This can irritate your audience. You can remove features that are least important. In this way, you can integrate functions that your app actually needs and save unnecessary costs.
    • Choosing The Right Platform: The overall functionality of your mobile app depends on the platform you have selected for its development. You can either choose a paid platform or even use an open source platform. However, you need to make sure that this is the latest trend and the best for the functionality of your app. By choosing the right platform, you can increase the reach of your audience.
    • Ignorance of Marketing: Marketing makes a big difference when an app fails or succeeds. A mobile app that was involved in the marketing process can easily reach more users. Before you start, create a buzz about your app so that you get a lot of traffic when you start in the store
    • Don’t Focus On User Feedback: You have launched your app for users in the market. However, if you don’t focus on their views of the app, your app may fail. Don’t just see your customers as a means of making money with your idea, you should focus on them and try to solve their problems as much as possible. Listening to the users of your app can take you one step closer to the success of your app.

    Not just these, but some other tips to consider before you start developing your app. Everything you need is planned and the strategies are prepared for it. Take every step with the right care and never ignore your audience. Try to reach them in every possible way and your app is no longer a bug.

    Why Choose a Company Over Freelance App & Web Development?


    Do you have an idea for your company? Would you like to go online to make a difference? We are here to help you turn your idea into reality using our dedicated application and website development services. We are top-notch web service providers and have a team that is able to help you take the necessary action in the right way.

    If you are concerned about whether you should choose a company or a freelancer, don’t bother yourself anymore. This article will help you with this problem. Just follow the article in full and you will get the answers to your questions. It’s easy to choose a reliable, experienced, and budget-friendly agency for your product.

    Your idea is worth nothing until you have someone who is experienced and adept enough to make it a reality. You can contact a freelance developer who will provide you with the desired product in good time or even early. However, it may not be able to guarantee the quality of the resultant product, and some functions may be missing and the design may be missing. A professional web development or app development company follows a set of rules or an order based on the strategy it prepares before starting a project. This involves carefully examining and planning the tactics they will use to make the project a success. You can go to a freelancer for your work, who may help you at very low prices, but ultimately you have to fight for quality. There is too much risk if you work with a freelancer as if you don’t know that he is a developer or that someone else does your job.

    • When you work with a company, you get a number of talented people who are selected by officials after several rounds of interviews, while freelancers are just one person working. It will not give you different results.
    • Technology options are available to you at a company because professionals work on different latest technologies, but a single person may not offer you multiple choices.
    • When working with a company, you can speak to the team that understands your point of view and analyzes it before you work. There will be several minds who analyze and create something new. However, if it is a freelancer, only one person will understand or misunderstand your point of view.
    • You may get cheap prices from a freelancer, but a company will ask for a price that is based on the task and offers you a variety of designs to choose from. The resulting product is of the best quality.

    You can choose a freelancer, but if he leaves your projects in the middle without informing him, it will be like a nightmare and you cannot get them back. So choose an agency today so that you are free from any stress that could hinder your work.

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