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Published on 11 Oct.

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    Microsoft SharePoint, also known as Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies, is a business collaboration platform launched in 2001, consisting of software products and elements that includes, among a selection of components, collaboration functions, based on web browser, process management modules, search modules and a document management platform (document management). The evolution of SharePoint is attributed to the renowned projects named ‘Tahoe’ and ‘Office Server’, which were originated during the Office XP’s development. ‘Office Server’ has been developed outside the extensions of FrontPage and Office Server and ‘Team Pages. It directed a simple and bottom-up collaboration.
    ‘Tahoe’, based on technology shared with Exchange and the ‘Digital Dashboard’, portals oriented to the top, search and management of documents. SharePoint search and indexing features come from the ‘Tahoe’ feature set. The search and indexing functions were a originated from the combination of the crawling and indexing features of the Microsoft Site Server product family and the Microsoft Index Server query language.  
    SharePoint Online
    As an essential part of Office 365, SharePoint Online is designed to encourage people and organizations to discover, share and collaborate more intelligently and more productively than ever from multiple devices. You can buy SharePoint in the cloud as a standalone product or as part of a suite of Office 365 applications, with which you will also get access to Exchange, business Skype, Office clients and Web Apps. SharePoint Online is part of the suit of Office 365. It is a service that gives us individual flexibility and is also efficient in group functions. It combines business functions such as intranet, content management, commercial intelligence and much more.

    1.   A Cloud-Based Service

    The SharePoint web application is a cloud-based service that was created for companies to install Local SharePoint servers by subscribing to Office 365 or the same SharePoint Online service. Cloud-based solutions reduce dependence on internal resources. SharePoint sites are located in the Microsoft Data Center (MDC)

    1.   Team Site

    SharePoint Online acts as a ‘team sit’ because it allows a working group to store, share and manage documents in a central location in a more intelligent and more productive way. Key elements such as editing and online version, provide the platform to link all members of the team simultaneously while retaining the most up-to-date version at any time.

    Why Your Business Needs SharePoint Online?

    SharePoint’s uses within the organizations varies significantly, based on the nature and size of the organization. SharePoint encompasses a wide range of proficiencies, most of which include governability and configuration. Some of the most common reasons disclosed by the global SharePoint experts and users; that a business must shift to SharePoint Online include the following;

    1.   Business Content & Document Management

    SharePoint allows business enterprises to store, retrieve, search, track, mange, report and archive electronic records and documents. Most of these SharePoint functions are designed to meet the information management processes and legal requirements within the organizations. SharePoint Online also provide advance graphical and search functionalities, and its seamless integration with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows allows managed synchronization of encrypted rights and information, along with collaborative real-time editing. SharePoint Online is often used to replace the existing on-premise corporate server and it is usually accompanied by a well-structured corporate policy for content management.

    1.   Intranet & Social Network

    The SharePoint intranet and internet portal is an easier way to centralize access to business applications and information. It serves as a tool which allows organizations to manage applications, internal communication and information in a simpler and easier manner. Microsoft claims that SharePoint has plenty of organization benefits such as centralized process management, increased employee engagement, reduced operational costs and effective means to share and capture tactic knowledge.

    1.   Collaborative Software

    The work group functions of SharePoint are amongst its best collaborative features, which enable enhanced team work, social collaboration, project programming (due to great integration with MS Project and MS Outlook), share mailboxes; and sharing and storage of documents related to a particular project.

    1.   File Hosting Service (Personal Cloud)

    OneDrive for business is hosted by SharePoint, which provides synchronization and storage of personal documents of an individual, while facilitating their private and public exchange too. Generally, it is combined with other servers and services of Microsoft Office, like Microsoft Exchange, to produce personalized cloud. This ability of SharePoint is often compared with Dropbox.

    1.   Custom Web Applications

    The development capabilities of SharePoint provide an extra service layer which helps in quick prototyping for web applications. SharePoint also helps developer. SharePoint also provide developers with quick integration with the data sources and corporate directories through REST/O Data/ O Auth. SharePoint is frequently used by developers for its information management and security capabilities in multiple scenarios and development platforms. SharePoint has a personalized ‘Application Store’ that has several types of external applications with managed and encapsulated resource access such as documents and corporate user data.
    Why Are the Paybacks of SharePoint Online?
    SharePoint Online facilitates your business to;
    ×           Improve the processes of your organization by facilitating the communication and collaboration processes of the departments and teams by implementing a corporate Intranet or collaborative web portal: Streamlines the exchange of information and increases the efficiency of business processes.
    ×            Manage and share important documents with co-workers without having to use the mail.
    ×           We can connect from anywhere with an internet connection.
    ×           Keep the teams up to date and synchronized with the information.
    ×           It is a service that allows us to store, track and restore files every time they are modified to have control of the structured content.
    ×           The documents created with Microsoft Office are stored directly in SharePoint Online.
    ×           It offers advanced features of transparency of errors and drop-down redundancy.
    ×           SLA by Microsoft guarantees the availability of (99.9%) with high bandwidth of a network
    ×           MDS (Model-Driven Security) information complies with industry-specific security standards. There are permissions at the document level.
    ×           Microsoft offers cheap storage payment, compiling sites for a maximum of 100 GB and the maximum content of a tenant is the Office 365 plan.
    ×           Microsoft offers annual subscriptions with Office 365 for multiple types of companies and organizations.

    Top SharePoint Online Consulting Companies

    SharePoint Consulting services have been incredibly trending these days. With the increasing needs of both large and small enterprises to turn into collaborative workspace have given rise to the SharePoint installations and subsequently to SharePoint Consulting companies. According to the Manifest, the top SharePoint Online consulting companies include Viftech Solutions, Science Soft, Binary Republik, General Networks, Affirma Consulting, Neologix Software Solutions, ImageTech Systems Inc., Portal Front, Turnkey Technologies Inc., Zensar Technologies, Businessware Technologies and many more. Viftech Solutions is another reputable name within the industry when it comes to SharePoint Consulting, providing its expertise and services to the global clients for past 18 years
    Viftech Solutions is one of the leading and most trusted name in the industry when it comes to SharePoint Consulting services, known for providing its SharePoint expertise and services to the global clients for past 18 years. Viftech Solutions has a highly skilled and experience team of SharePoint experts that have been successfully developing and installing customized SharePoint solutions to a wide range of small and large enterprises all across the world. Request a Quote.

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