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Top Emerging Trends for Mobile App Development

maaz uddin

Published on 07 Aug.

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    Mobile App Development plays an important role in todays generation. To be more advanced in the market, this strategy is mandatory for mobile industry to focus on mobile app developments as this is used for major electronic and communication devices such as personal digital assistants and enterprise digital assistants or delivered as web applications using server-side or client-side processing (e.g., JavaScript) to provide an “application-like” experience within a Web browser.
    These applications come pre-installed on phones by manufactures before reaching the customers. As the customers are the end users and they need to be satisfied the most, the mobile app development and advancement in that is mandatory to cope up the competition.
    Based on this the following trends are listed below:

    1. Internet of Things (IoT) to Gain More Ground

    Now a days, Internet plays an important role in every human being life and created much buzz around the world and will continue to take guard further up. This has created a boost in all type of industries which also includes healthcare, e-commerce, construction, and transportation, etc. and it will improve the ecosystem with its penetration in the retail industry, real estate, and development of smarter cities. The experts expect IoT to solve the menace of traffic snarls and problem of vehicle parking.

    2. AR and VR: the Hyped Technologies

    Now a days AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) is in boom which has influenced the major audience in the recent industries. The futuristic AR and VR technology is not only grooming and augmenting the popular advanced gaming apps, but have also created a hype around the social media platforms. Taking a recent example like Pokeman which was based on AR technology has influenced many users in giant social media like Instagram and Snapchat implementing this innovation which has become more interactive.

    3. Chatbots to Gain Significance

    Today quick interaction and response is mandatory in many businesses. This has given importance to chatbots which had become an integral part of most of the on-demand apps, which allows you to respond quickly in real-time to your customers. They are virtual assistants and does not involve human-to-human interaction.

    4. Growth of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

    It has been shown in many movies and articles about the importance of Artificial Intelligence. The term Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning isn’t alien to tech lovers anymore. In fact, the AI has been successful in creating a huge influence simplifying the services and the bidding process. When it gets collaborated with machine learning, it can do wonders to any business in getting valuable data and real-time analytics.

    5. APM and EMM

    APM (Application Performance Management) is actually defined as the mobile metrics that were integrated into Google in 2016. It has been introduced to eradicate the snag and other issues, which tends to slow down the app performance. It improves the quality and boosts app performance. In fact, it is one of the most important tools used by the quality assurance testers during the app testing process.

    6. Cloud Storage Becoming a Necessity

    As the times are advancing the necessity to integrate the cloud-based app is gaining importance. The apps offer cloud management as there are certain limitations on storage in the devices. We cannot install more apps if the phone memory does not allow that.
    Based on the above few factors and mobile app development trends highlighted, it has been understood that the Mobile Development App plays an important role in today’s business. This not only helps the business to perform in smoother way but also enhances more creativity and innovation techniques which takes the world into new dimensions.

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