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Top 6 Tools for Easy & Speedy React Native App Development

maaz uddin

Published on 16 Oct.

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    React Native app development has lately become remarkably competitive and profitable within the industry. According to Google Trends, React Native is amongst the highest trends followed by modern developers and the mobile app development companies, as compared to the Mean Stack and Cross-Platform applications. However, not all the developers have the same level of knowledge about the libraries, plug-ins and tools that are required in React Native app development. So, for your convenience, here we have listed down the top 6 tools that can help you get an easy and quick start with React Native app development. We hope that you confidently and smartly develop your Android and iOS app by using these tools.


    If you are a Native app developer, or even if you are not, let us tell you that developing Actions and Reducers on Redux (another native app development tool) is a hell of a task. Although Redux good, but is considered to be sufficient for small applications because creating too larges Switch statement on Redux for large application in only one Reducer is way more difficult. Reduxsauce overcomes this shortcoming of Redux by allowing more flexibility for large application development. Reduxsauce is considered to be one of the easiest and quickest tools when it comes to native app development. It uses simplified and easy-to-read codes and also allows you to easily reset the Reducers. It is capable of handling Reducer Action in one single file, which is extremely difficult in Redux.


    Expo is a well-known open-source tool chain which helps developers to develop React Native mobile applications at an incredible speed while using React and JavaScript. The best thing about Expo is that it is absolutely free and available under a general public usage license. Expo only has one code base which can be simultaneously used for React Native components of both Android and iOS. Last, but not the least you can publish your apps updates without using Android Studio and XCode.


    A React Native app is destined to fail if the developers develop the app and launch it is the market without getting a pilot check done. Not only React Native app, but every app is required to be tested before its official launch. When you are surrounded by this trouble, a very smart tool by Infinite Red comes to your rescue names Reactotron. Reactotron basically tests the React Native mobile apps and React JS with great efficiency and ease, while providing with greater confidence for your app launch, by pointing out any bugs and glitches. Reactotron is easy and free to install. It is a React Native debugging tool which debugs your codes and logs without impacting the performance of your machine.


    Redux is a library or let’s say a state container for JavaScript apps. Redux is an open-source JavaScript library, that you can use with React and Angular to a developer the UIs of your Android and iOS mobile applications. It is very easy to test and code React Native apps while using Redux. While using Redux, the apps written on tit can be executed on server-side, client-side and on the React Native environment. It also allows live modification of the codes and time-traveler debugging.

    Ignite CLI

    Ignite is an accelerating tool which speeds up the development process of your React Native apps. Ignite CLI helps in generating Redux files, plugins, boilerplates, tests, styles and even components. It also allows the developers to choose from a large list of boilerplates and plugins to support React Native app development. With Ignite CLI, you don’t need to be dependent on libraries, as it does afford runtime. It is simply a development tool, but with immense power as compared to Ignite 1. The Ignite CLI is tested and developed by ‘Infinite Red’, and indeed on of the best choice of developers for React Native app development, to be used on a regular basis.


    Titled as the hackable text editor of 21st century, Atom is a modern and approachable tool developed by GitHub. Atom allows a developer to share their workspace with other developers while enabling them to edit the codes together in real time. However, it does not allow the editing of a config file. Atom also helps in improving the integration of the language and facilitates to combine the functionalities and features of multiple open-source packages. Styling and customization have become much easier with Atom in the React Native environment.
    If you want more options in the list, Nuclide by Facebook, ESLint by JS Foundation, Flow, Visual Studio Code and React ANtive Tools (Extension of Visual Studio Code) are some other amazing tools to be tried on.  Get started with these amazing tools to make you React Active app development quick and easy.

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