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Top 5 Advantages of Custom Software

maaz uddin

Published on 19 Dec.

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    The term customization is derived from the custom, which means tailor-made. Customizing means adapting a product to the individual wishes of the customer and can be translated as personalization. Customization can be done on a single product but has been increasingly applied to mass-market products for several years. The most pronounced form is the pre-customizing, in which selecting the customization based on defined presets. Another variant is self-customizing, in which the customer actively changes the product.
    When it comes to software, its adaptation can be made by program changes (individual programming), by setting parameters or the configuration, i.e. the selection of the modules. In large projects, the cost of customizing the software and adapting the organization to the standard software can be very high. The adaptation can be made either on its own or by a service provider, which is often also the manufacturer of the software.
    Custom software has become an unavoidable obligation for every small and large business. Because every business is different and so it’s needed. Hence, it is impossible that varying need of different companies can be fulfilled by a general software. Today, every business enterprise is opting for custom software so that their unique requirements are met precisely.

    Why a Custom Software is Needed?

    Having a custom software, tailored especially to meet specific business requirements is the latest trend. The need for custom software is increasing with every passing day, due to its powers to resolve the unique business problem with complete focus and efficiency. Having an off-the-shelf software can only meet general business requirements, and as a result, you will be eventually feeling short in meeting your specific business needs, along with a pile of several unused features of your general-purpose software. However, if you get custom software developed for your unique business requirements, it tends to fulfil your general as well as particular needs, while digitizing the operations, amplifying the productivity and elevating the profit margins.
    Additionally, the requirements of every business are different from each other; thus, it is very challenging for one software solutions to satisfy multiple needs simultaneously. Therefore, custom software is preferably designed to meet the personalized needs of limited users. In other words, custom software is designed to ensure that all the particular business preferences are satisfied. Having a custom software solution offers a wide range of benefits to a small business that is discussed below in detail. Since it is developed only to meet the specific needs, it costs you less and also requires reduced training and deployment time.

    Values  Related to The Custom Software – As A Product


    • Utility Value:

      Customize software would allow a business to obtain a software product that corresponds to its needs and requirements and that is in line with its expectations since it is designed exclusively for it.

    • Value of Appropriation:

      The experience of customization modifies the relation that the individual has with the software. As a result of the creation of the custom software, it becomes a constituent element of an individual business, a product peculiar to an enterprise, belonging to a sole enterprise.

    • Expression Value of Its Individuality:

      The customization of software allows a business to express its identity and to show its personality through his customized products.

    Values Related to The Customization Experience


    • Hedonic Value:

      Having a custom software implemented is a rewarding experience. The consumer experiences pleasure and fantasy in using the object.

    • Value of Creative Achievement:

      It is linked to corporate esteem and achievement. A business expresses its pride in having a software customized for it exclusively.

    • Novelty Value:

      The customization experience is linked to its innovative nature. It is valued by its rarity.

    Advantage of Custom Software

    The top advantages of custom software are listed below;


    • Tailor-Made to The Specific Needs of Your Enterprise

    Custom software helps to develop a direct relationship between your business and the development company. Professional and experienced developers perform an in-depth analysis of your requirements and adapt the changes easily while staying in constant collaboration with you until the software development reaches its best. The software is developed exclusively for your needs; hence, it is equally unique and unable to be imitated.

    • Serves as A Smart Long-Term Investment

    Custom software development can be costly as you want a unique product that needs to be developed from scratch. But undoubtedly it is a smart investment in long-run. With custom software, you are not required to pay for the features and licenses that you never use. Hence, in the long-term, the benefits of a custom overweigh the cost associated with it and the hassles that you may face while dealing with an off-shelf, less relatable software.

    • Increased Productivity

    It is simply a no-brainer to question to productivity levels with custom software. With custom software, you not only meet your needs and demands, but your employees also feel confident about performing their respective jobs with greater efficiency and speed.

    • Long-Term Software Maintenance

    Another significant difference between off-shelf and custom software is that custom software can be managed and maintained in long-run, whereas a general software requires too much of cost, time and effort for its maintenance. With custom software, you can opt for as many modifications as you like. But with an off-shelf software, you have to wait for the developer, and needs to purchase the updates and modified features. This puts your business in a very vulnerable position. Hence, opting for custom software solutions is always a safer option.

    • Enhanced Security Against External Threats

    A commercial, off-shelf software is also increasingly vulnerable to security risks, such as hacking attacks etc. Custom software, on the other hand, is more complicated and secure for hackers to infiltrate, because it is used within your organization only. Hence, it is pointless for hackers to attack a bespoke software.

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