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Planning is the foremost thing which people usually prefer for performing various tasks. Todowiz can assist you to have an organized schedule for your everyday activities. It’s a great tool for professionals to organize work projects by assigning tasks, having group discussions and sharing their views

Also, no matter if you are planning for a summer holiday or a wedding event, Todowiz will make your task easy.

A great help for Professionals

Having a huge responsibility? The newly introduced Todowiz-pro permits your team to handle things with much ease. Now you are able to distribute the work load among your associates. Through this everyone will own specific tasks. Sharing files, images and videos is now possible.

Accessible on your gadgets for free (quick performance and wireless sync)

Electronic devices are the major component of our daily life that plays an indispensible role by accomplishing our needs. Todowiz is attainable in devices such as Macs, iPhone, iPads, Android devices and Windows PC. This app assures to provide steady service. However, the increasing number of devices doesn’t effects its performance. Only for your ease, your records will be synced via Todowiz’s cloud sync.  Todowiz efficient working makes everything done automatically.

Reminders, Recurring and Sub -Tasks

Are you ambitious? Do you have daily responsibilities? Would you like to divide the heavy burden of your work? Here you go, Todowiz has embrace a new feature. You can include reminders, recurring tasks or subtasks. Thus, you can keep your tasks on correct path effortlessly.

Push, Email and In-app notifications

Have you ever been the part of any project? Were you invited by your colleagues? Todowiz’s activity Centre guarantees you not to skip anything important via push-notifications.

The helping hand

Want someone’s guidance? Or need suggestions to organize parties? It is amazingly trouble-free and uncomplicated to receive help. The only thing you need to do is to click a button for engaging your friends and family through Facebook. Nothing to worry, if they are not having a Facebook account you could also use their email address. After all, great satisfaction comes from sharing with others.

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