The Importance of Mobile Apps for Business

maaz uddin

Published on 20 Nov.

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    Nowadays, there are mobile applications for almost everything – entertainment, news, sports and even to make life easier for businesses! This latter type of app is commonly referred to as a business application or internal application. An enterprise application often aims to increase employee productivity, efficiently manage large amounts of data, and/or optimize processes. Unlike mainstream applications such as social networks, mobile games, or e-commerce applications, mobile apps for businesses with the goal of meeting the specific needs of an organization, have become the need of modern times. This blog post discusses the importance of mobile applications for business. We will also discuss about the purpose and reasons behind his need of having mobile apps for an enterprise.

    The Importance of Mobile Applications for Business

    The mobile application is so trendy these days, and even for business organizations, they have become an inevitable need. Nowadays, customers want everything on their fingertips and this is why the mobile application development market is flourishing like never before. It is a secret that mobile apps build customer loyalty and convey business values to consumers while entertaining them. That’s why the development of mobile apps for businesses and their customers is so important. For almost very business now, it is essential to let customers discover the culture of their business and its benefits. This goal can be achieved by a very simple and effective method: the use of mobile applications. Mobile applications for business allow users to become more familiar with how a business works.
    In this way, companies get many potential customers and users can enjoy proximity to the companies that are present in their lives through the application. By creating mobile apps, many companies are able to get a significant number of customers who use their apps to have a better view of the business.

    What Is the Purpose of Mobile Application Development for A Business?

    The goals are none other than customer loyalty and increased profitability. The development of mobile applications is aimed at a new audience. An audience that is no longer convinced or attracted by cheap merchandising. Potential customers use their mobile phones to perform up to 90% of their daily activities. It’s about integrating the brand into the lifestyle of the consumer.

    Reasons Why a Business Needs Mobile Applications

    Mobile applications for business are often designed to complement other systems used by the enterprise. They must be flexible and adapt to existing systems. The development of mobile apps for business has increased significantly in the last five years. Here are the reasons why a mobile application can make a big difference to your business:

    1. Better Return on Investment

    One of the main reasons why companies invest in one or more mobile applications is simple i.e. to get better ROI. According to a report by VMware, companies that invest in a mobile application generate an average return on investment of 150% across all industries. While a consumer application generates direct revenue through its monetization strategy (in-app purchases, advertising, etc.), the return on investment of a business application is measured in terms of productivity and efficiency.

    1. Employee Productivity

    A mobile app can help you increase the productivity of your employees by giving them the ability to work and stay connected without being in front of their computer. They can be active and work from anywhere, anytime. Mobile application integration has become a must-have for the most competitive companies. Why? Because they allow the transmission of information and updates in real-time. They can save time and money. In addition, organizations that follow this trend seem more attractive to their future employees.

    1. Process Optimization

    An added benefit is the ability to optimize internal processes. For example, you can choose to evaluate the time needed to complete a task or a process. Having access to this information through an app will help you solve recurring problems and make informed decisions. The key to optimizing processes is to start tracking them as soon as possible. With the data generated over time, the average cycle time can be used to detect weaknesses, changes or deviations in time.

    1. Data Exploitation

    An enterprise application allows employees to access, for example, customer data in real time. All the important data is instantly accessible thanks to the constant synchronization of the various devices via the application. With this information, you give your employees all the information they need to keep up to date with the latest changes. In addition, it can detect problems or opportunities more quickly.

    1. Source of Information

    Sharing information via an in-house mobile application is a good way to reduce costs and especially communication errors. Think about instructions, brochures, user manuals, safety rules and even bonus programs. Everyone has access to the same information and official versions of each document. In addition to this, the internal mobile application can be used to share the news of the company. A new employee? An important strategic decision? Event? Share all this directly within the enterprise mobile application.

    Important Factors to Consider Before Creating/Getting Mobile Applications for Business

    There are some very important factors to consider before embarking on having a mobile application decision. We have listed the most important ones for you below;

    1. Your Type of Business

    As a first step, it is important that you think carefully about why you are developing a mobile application for your business. Creating a mobile application to follow current fashion is not necessarily a good idea. The service industry adapts perfectly to these tools. However, when it comes to other industries you need to be very careful. This kind of application does not always work with the industries more serious, sober and traditional. Our experts enlighten us on this subject: It’s not the same thing to make a game for a restaurant as for a law firm, although the game for the latter can work if it is based on a good idea. The key lies in the creativity of the company and therefore in the product it develops. To illustrate our words, here is an example. The store at the bottom of your house may have the idea of creating a role-playing game (RPG). This role-playing game would consist of a treasure hunt in which customers should search the shelves for certain coins or prizes.

    1. The Target of the Application

    Any business, planning to develop one or more mobile apps needs to look at the market they want to target. This involves the users who will potentially be interested in the application. Audiovisual narration, graphics and aesthetics vary, depending on whether it’s for adults or children, developers or mobile designers etc. Younger people are more attracted to drawings and simple games, so it would be interesting to incorporate for example a pet or a hero. On the other hand, one of the main targets is the Z generation which is very connected.

    1. The Application Model You Are Looking For

    It is difficult to establish a specific model that ensures a successful application. This peculiarity can be reflected through many aspects ranging from manoeuvrability to aesthetics. Ultimately, these features will have an impact on the user’s choice.

    1. The Interest of the User for Your Application

    To ensure the success of the application, we must arouse the interest of the user so that he does not get bored and does not leave the application before he uses it. This can be done by posing challenges that allow real rewards.

    In Conclusion

    Optimizing processes, increasing productivity and getting a better return on investment are just a few of the benefits of a business mobile app. But before having a mobile application for your business, you need to know exactly which market you are going to focus on and how you are going to do it before you start developing mobile applications for business. If you have a good idea of application and you think it will strengthen your business and benefit its users, do not hesitate and contact an expert mobile application development company like Viftech Solutions.

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