Symfony is a PHP web application framework for web projects, known for speeding up the creation and maintenance of a web application and reducing repetitive coding tasks. Symfony has many resources such as plentiful documentation, community support (mailing lists, IRC, etc.), professional support (consulting, training, etc.) and SensioLabs support.


Hundreds of popular websites have been developed on this platform including Yahoo,, Dailymotion, and It is easy to understand the power of PHP Symfony framework as number of industry big wigs has chosen it for their websites.

PHP Symfony framework is everything that you could anticipate from a PHP framework: speed, adaptability, reusable segments, and so on.

It’s a great framework to create a website that satisfies the needs of any business. Also, this framework provides all the freedom and liberty of configuration to the developers. It is used to make high level and complex web applications and that is why it allows customization in everything, be it directory structure or foreign libraries.

PHP Symfony allows programmers and developers to create a website that fulfills the requirements completely. It doesn’t bound the programmers and developers in anyway.

PHP Symfony and Viftech Solutions

At Viftech Solutions, developers have sound knowledge of Symfony-based product development as well as Symfony related framework. We offer expert Symfony development solutions, from its derived based product development to Symfony plug-ins.

Developers at Viftech are experienced in handling even the most complex web solutions with remarkable proficiency. We offer complete package of expert PHP Symfony framework solutions. Our consultants are efficient with clients in terms of effective understanding and analysis of their requirements.

Viftech Solutions offers you PHP development, using Symfony framework and it has following advantages:

  • Sustainable and stable
  • Fast and highly efficient
  • Compatibility guaranteed to minor versions
  • Increase maintenance of web applications that speeds up the creation
  • Unlimited flexibility for the web applications
  • Easy to install and expendable

Viftech Solutions PHP Symfony web developers’ team is expert enough to deliver your project on-time with high-end customer satisfaction! Contact us today for more details; we are available for you 24/7.

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