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When it comes to data migration tasks, Microsoft delivers with its Server Integration Services that can aid you on your journey. SSIS is a sort of platform available for the integration of data along with workflow applications. It also comes with a data warehousing tool that facilitates data extraction, transformation, and loading. Viftech Solutions provides you with the necessary help you need to smooth this process along.


Technology Stack for Your SSIS Project

When you work with the SQL Server BI stack, it is often required of you to move data out of its existing environment into an analysis warehouse or database. To do that, you need a wide range of management tools in your technology stack belt to get your data from one place to another securely without risking its very integrity. Viftech Solutions houses a team of individuals more than qualified to aid your data in its journey, with their compassion and innovation towards perfecting every project and challenge that they are presented with. With us, your SSIS project will become a top priority and will be given the attention to detail that it deserves.


Our Client-Oriented Business Solutions for Organizations of All Sizes

  1. Our customers are everything to us, which is why we take every precaution and create only the best SSIS solutions for you.
  2. Our team of developers and engineers utilize only the latest technology and coding languages in the market for your project.
  3. Every written code is carefully documented for your convenience in the future.

SSIS Development Cycle

Integrate and migrate your existing data to any environment safely and securely.



Your SSIS project a Viftech begins with a careful analysis of all the materials you bring with yourself as well as an examination of what we need to add into the mix.

This step includes:
  • Examination of client’s materials
  • Assessment of client’s needs
  • Research on existing and required technologies


Viftech Solutions ensures that during the specification stage, all of your needs are heard and understood until absolute transparency is reached between us. This allows us to adhere to your set specifications and budget constraints.

This step includes:
  • Confirmation of technology stack
  • Budget discussion
  • Deadline discussion


Your SSIS project cannot begin until we ensure it complies with your brand’s image. We do this by choosing color schematics, designing the logo and artwork of your project.

This step includes:
  • UI testing
  • User experience testing
  • Logo and artwork design
  • Color schematics


After the design phase, we move onto the progress of your SSIS project. During this phase, our engineers write the code of your project and optimize it to reach optimal speed levels and efficiency.

This step includes:
  • Database Structuring
  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Coding
  • System Engineering


Viftech’s engineers run an array of tests on your SSIS project to ensure that there are no flaws within it. Only when a stable version is obtained, do deliver it to our clients.

This step includes:
  • Unit testing
  • System testing
  • Integration testing
  • Acceptance testing


During our final step in the process of your project, we deliver the completed SSIS results to you. After delivery, you gain access to a week-long guarantee period to test the SSIS project yourself.

This step includes:
  • Live server and environment setup
  • Code migration
  • Database migration
  • Final testing


Even after the successful delivery of your project, we tend to keep tabs to ensure that you are satisfied with the results. Should you require it, our team is always available for maintenance services.

This step includes:
  • Support and troubleshooting
  • Design and functionality updates
  • Server maintenance
  • Updates for third party APIs and systems

Why Choose Us?

  • Competitive Pricing and Solutions

    Our pricing is no different than our competitors. However, it is our quality of work that makes us better than them in our line of work.

  • Expert Professionals

    We house an expert team of individuals ready to tackle all of your SSIS related needs at all hours of the day.

  • Timely Deliveries

    We believe in catering to our clients’ every need, and a significant part of that is delivering projects right on time!

  • Customized Support Services

    We have an in-house team of consultants readily at your disposal to aid you in any technical queries you might have through calls, emails, and messages.

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