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PostgreSQL happens to be a compelling open-source database system in the market that has seen three decades worth of development. It has earned points for reliability, has an incredible range of features and performance levels for all clients. While the benefits this type of system brings to an organization are endless, it all depends on the organization's ability to utilize all that it has to offer fully. Viftech Solutions is a technological giant in the market with years' worth of experience when it comes to PostgreSQL systems. We can not only create, but also manage your systems for you!


Technology Stack for Your PostgreSQL System

For your PostgreSQL systems to be fully optimized, you need a dedicated IT team at your disposal that has vast experience working with these systems. If it was the matter of simply creating a system, you could hire just anyone! What you need is a dedicated and experienced IT firm like Viftech Solutions to develop your PostgreSQL systems with the latest technology stack in the market, which saves you money by requiring minimal maintenance services in the future.


Our Client-Oriented Business Solutions for Organizations of All Sizes

  1. You want the best in the market, and we ensure that all your needs are met with only the latest technology at our disposal.
  2. We utilize every trending open-course coding language for your PostgreSQL system so that you’re always one step ahead of the competition.
  3. We pay close attention to detail and ensure that your project is delivered to you right on time, with all the code carefully documented for your convenience.

PostgreSQL Development Cycle

Optimize the performance of your organization with our expert development services



The development of your PostgreSQL system at Viftech Solutions begins with careful research, data collection, and reference analysis.

This step includes:
  • Reference analysis
  • Client needs assessment
  • Client needs assessment


At Viftech, we focus heavily on the specification stage of the project. This is where the requirements are set along with a budget and deadline.

This step includes:
  • Technology stack confirmation
  • Budget and deadline
  • Roadmap setting


We create multiple versions of artwork, logo, and color schematics for you to approve for your project.

This step includes:
  • UI testing
  • Logo and artwork design
  • Color schematics


With the help of our dedicated development team, we optimize your platform during the development stage to achieve optimum levels of speed.

This step includes:
  • Database structuring
  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Coding
  • System Engineering


We run your PostgreSQL system through a variety of tests at every milestone to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

This step includes:
  • User interface testing
  • System testing
  • Acceptance testing


After we have worked out all the vulnerabilities in the project and patched them up to perfection, the final result is delivered to you.

This step includes:
  • Final testing
  • Delivery
  • 7-day guarantee period


We continue to offer you our support and maintenance services for a monthly or a one-time only fee.

This step includes:
  • Customer support
  • Technical assistance
  • Upgrades and troubleshooting

Why Choose Us?

  • Proactive Services

    We ensure that all the necessary patches to any vulnerability in the systems are made immediately, so there is no room for any flaws.

  • Client One-on-Ones

    Our clients are important to us, which is why they play a vital role in the overall completion of their PostgreSQL system project.

  • Expert Developers

    We have obtained an elite class of developers over many years who are experts in their respective fields and can help you in every project.

  • Dedicated Support Services

    We have a dedicated support system in place that offers you help regarding updates, maintenance, and any queries you may have regarding your PostgreSQL system.

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