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SharePoint as we know it has seen drastic changes over the years, mostly because Microsoft continues to release newer and improved versions. This has also given a chance to multiple software development companies around the globe to step out of their comfort zone to give their clients the best of the best. This is where Viftech Solution can help you! We offer SharePoint On-Premise services, upgrade, and maintenance services around the clock.


Technology Stack to Build Your SharePoint On-Premise Platform

SharePoint On-Premise is an intranet-based version of SharePoint. This platform helps organizations to process and keep a regular check on all of their valuable information. Viftech Solutions has the latest tools in the market to not only create your SharePoint On-Premise platform but to also manage it for you and regularly update it as well.


Our Client-Oriented Business Solutions for Organizations of All Sizes

  1. We offer you expert SharePoint On-Premise Services, regardless of what industry your organization is from. We deliver only the best results.
  2. We use several open-source programming languages and technologies in the market to work on your project.
  3. We follow proper documentation for every code and try to keep it as simple as possible to save you any hassles in the future.

Sharepoint On Premises DEVELOPMENT CYCLE

Migrate onto SharePoint Online On-Premise and watch your collaboration efforts double in efficiency



Our SharePoint On-Premise development begins with a careful analysis of all the materials we are provided with and research on all the technology that needs to be used.

This step includes:
  • Client needs assessment
  • Source material examination
  • Technology-based research


Ultimately, the most crucial aspect of the project is to deliver excellent results to the client, and that cannot happen without a meeting to discuss all issues of the project.

This step includes:
  • Roadmap setting
  • Technology stack confirmation
  • Budgeting


In the design phase, we create visuals, logos, and all the artwork of your project based on the color schematics chosen by you.

This step includes:
  • Color schemes
  • Logo & artwork design
  • UI testing


During this phase, our development team writes to code for your platform development and optimizes your platform with the ultimate speed levels to streamline your every task. We use only the latest tech to achieve this.

This step includes:
  • Database structure
  • System engineering
  • Coding


Though you are welcome to conduct your testing later, we first run your platform through a myriad of tests of our own.

This step includes:
  • System tests
  • UI tests
  • Integration & acceptance tests


During the final stage of our SharePoint development, we run the last tests and deliver the project to you. Upon delivery, you gain access to a guarantee period.

This step includes:
  • Environment setup
  • Code migration
  • Database migration
  • 7-day guarantee period


You can still utilize our services after delivery for support and upgrade facilities. We have a dedicated IT team in place to help assist you in your every need.

This step includes:
  • Troubleshooting & support
  • Architectural upgrades
  • Server maintenance
  • Third-party API updates

Why Choose Us?

  • Timely Delivery

    Delivering products on a timely basis is deeply rooted in the values of Viftech Solutions, and our experts deliver.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    We keep our clients in the loop by providing them expert consultation and customer support every step of the way, at all hours of every day.

  • Competitive Pricing

    We provide reliable SharePoint development services with competitive prices to fulfill your organizational requirements

  • Knowledgeable Team

    Our experts are well-versed with all things SharePoint. This allows us to offer the best solutions and ensure maximum contentment for our customers.

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