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Companies are always looking for better and effective ways to function in a day-to-day professional world. SharePoint is also one such enterprise level solution that helps many organisations around the globe to manage their business effectively every day. Microsoft, like MS Office, has released many versions of SharePoint with mind-blowing new and updated features.

In order to take advantage of the latest SharePoint, enterprises have to migrate their data, which in itself is a huge challenge. Migrating to the most up-to-date product means enhancing productivity even further but companies are afraid to disturb their work momentum. Also in migration, a large amount of data is involved and no one can handle any loss of data, especially in this era where data fuels future decisions.

There can be many migration scenarios – from SharePoint to SharePoint or third party solution to SharePoint or making some changes within your SharePoint that requires data transfer.

Ideally, companies are looking for just one thing when it comes to SharePoint migration – it should be seamless as if nothing has changed. They hate it when the work is interrupted due to migration or data location, permission rights and other such details have been tampered in the process.

SharePoint Migration with Viftech Solutions

We as one of the best SharePoint migration company have a holistic process to tackle any problem during the migration. Following three qualities set us apart from the crowd of other SharePoint service providers;

Before Migration:

We like to thoroughly check our clients’ system for possible factors that can be a hindrance in the migration process. A detailed report is generated containing all the potential threats and effective measures are taken for each one of them before beginning the actual migration.

Off-hours Migration:

We understand that your work activity is of high importance and that’s why our competent SharePoint developers schedule migration in off-hours. We will migrate all your farms, term stores, tenancies, metadata, site collections, lists, sites, libraries, content, workflows, permissions, web parts, files and folders. Your wish is our command – and it’s your decision to migrate files individually or in bulk.

Granular Preservation during Migration:

Your migrated data will have same permissions, approval statuses, core properties and other minute details. However, if you wish to change anything during migration, it can be done easily.

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