IBM Security Identity and Access Management (IAM) products help organizations efficiently manage user entitlements and access privileges, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and insider threats to protect data, web sites, and applications from security breaches. The solutions provide tools for automating user lifecycle management and monitoring user behavior, and include audit and reporting tools to demonstrate compliance with security regulations.

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IBM Security Identity ManagerManage user accounts, access rights, permissions and passwords from their creation to termination.
IBM Federated Identity ManagerUser-centric, federated single sign-on for sharing information between trusted business partners and simplifying application integration across distributed portal and mainframe environments.
IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-OnIntegrated authentication, access workflow automation, user switching and audit reporting to help simplify and strengthen access security.
IBM Security Access Manager for Cloud and MobileExtend user access protection to mobile and cloud environments using federated SSO, user authentication, and risk scoring.

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