IBM governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions enable companies to increase business performance and manage risk, apply the appropriate governance, and meet regulatory compliance challenges across the enterprise. IBM OpenPages® GRC software arms organizations with the ability to identify, manage, monitor, and analyze risk and compliance across the enterprise in a single, integrated solution.

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IBM OpenPages GRC Platform

IBM OpenPages GRC Platform is an integrated governance, risk and compliance platform that enables companies to manage risk and regulatory challenges across the enterprise. It provides a set of core services and functional components that span risk and compliance domains including operational risk, policy and compliance, financial controls management, IT governance and internal audit. OpenPages GRC Platform arms organizations with deep insight into all aspects of enterprise governance, risk and compliance.

IBM OpenPages Operational Risk Management

IBM OpenPages Operational Risk Management automates the process of identifying, analyzing and managing operational risk and enables businesses to integrate risk data into a single environment. This integrated approach helps improve visibility into risk exposure, reduce loss and improve business performance. OpenPages Operational Risk Management allows you to embed operational risk management practices into the corporate culture, making procedures more effective and efficient.

IBM OpenPages IT Governance

IBM OpenPages IT Governance aligns IT operations management with corporate business initiatives, strategy and regulatory requirements. The software allows you to sustain compliance across best practice frameworks and regulations while managing internal IT control and risk according to the business processes they support. OpenPages IT Governance lets you build a sustainable risk and compliance approach to address sensitive data, management of technology assets and regulatory requirements.

IBM OpenPages Policy and Compliance Management

IBM OpenPages Policy and Compliance Management is a single solution that enables organizations to consolidate policy and compliance management as well as manage regulatory change and regulator interaction. The software reduces the complexity and expense of complying with industry, ethics, privacy and government regulatory mandates. OpenPages Policy and Compliance Management automates the policy management lifecycle so you can achieve compliance, mitigate risks and ensure adherence to corporate policies and procedures.

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