Get you mortgage lending software special and customized features with ATI’s Plugins.

What Do ATI’s Plugins Can Do?

Plugins are the add-one piece of software to you web-browsers which provide additional functionality and efficiency to your processes.

Improvised Experience

Plugins majorly improvise your operational experience.

Better Security

If designed in a way, they can offer great security from malware.

Increased Productivity

Additional features equal to better control and hence better productivity.

Less Expensive

Plugins are always cheaper than getting a whole new software.

Worked with Leading Industries

ATI’s Plugins are widely used by hundreds of our valuable clients for multiple purposes. Partner with us and find out which of our Plugin is right to solve your business issue.

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What’s in Our Plugin Range?

ATI has a wide range of Plugins that are designed to help mortgage businesses overcoming their minor obstacles through these simple add-ons. Let’s explore our Plugins; list to find our if they of vitality for your business.

  • Data & Document Extractor.
  • Bulk Importer.
  • Cenlar Servicing.
  • Loan NotiFIRE.
  • FHA Case Binder.
  • Organizational Details/Update Fields Using Branch Description.
  • Update HMDA Credit Score for Multiple Borrower Pairs..
  • Assign Role to eFolder Doc.
  • Log Milestone Completion Time in Business Hours.
  • Loan Status Update Form/Document for Agent Partners.
  • PreQual Form.
  • Report Scheduler.
  • Notice of Assignment Form/Loan Assignment Manager.
  • Adverse Action Complete Workflow.
  • Round Robin Role Assignment Based on Rules.
  • Limiting Services.
  • Form Search.
  • Home Counselling Zip Code API.
  • Form Forward/Back Button.
  • Auto-Assign Loan to Branch Managers & Regional Managers.
  • Property Address USPS Validation.
  • Move Lock Confirm Doc to eFolder.
  • Save Event Designed to Handle Certain Cases.

ATI’s Plugins Are Anyway Less Expensive

  • The most significant feature which makes Plugins really popular is that they are less expensive. The reason is simple; i.e. buying an add-on functionality is relatively cheaper than buying a whole new software or platform.
  • Additionally, the Plugins are virus free, safe and secured, and they can be easily installed to an existing system.

Best-In-Class Technology Stack & Expertise

ATI has the latest stack of technology, tools and talent. Our experts are highly capable and qualified and they deeply analyze your system to advices you which plugins will work best for you.
Our support staff and experts are always available at your disposal for your assistance. We believe in close collaboration with our clients to ensure seamless integration of plugins and other software to their existing LOS.

Why Choose Awesome Technologies Inc.?

  • ATI is a maven when it comes to designing mortgage lending system software and plugins. We have a vast experience and proven methodologies, which makes the premium provider.
  • We have a dedicated team of highly skilled expert professionals always available for your guidance and support.
  • We ensure smooth plugins integration to your LOS without causing any change to the code.

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