PHP Web Development Services

Viftech solutions has got a great wealth of experience in creating interactive and dynamic web pages and applications using advanced PHP tools.

What Do We Offer?

Viftech Solution is widely recognized for providing reliable and the most affordable PHP web development services in the market. We have a dedicated team of PHP developers, that are highly skilled and capable of meeting your requirements in every possible way. We listen to our clients so that all their needs and expectations are precisely met.

  • Responsive Website Design

    Resolve your unique business problems dynamic, interactive & web pages using responsive website designs.

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  • Angular

    Angular is a Java-based programming language widely known in the world for its simplified development of applications.

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  • ASP.NET Development

    Get robust and versatile apps with the help of ASP.NET development tools.

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  • Frontend Development

    Our frontend solutions are carefully designed so that you can outshine.

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  • Java

    We have an entire ecosystem of tools available for your Java development project.

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  • PHP Web Development

    We use a curated blend of development tools and innovation to obtain the best results.

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  • Python

    We know exactly how to use Python to its fullest capacity to create apps that set you apart.

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  • Ruby on Rails

    Get object-oriented web development services with our uninterrupted programming capabilities of Ruby on Rails tools.

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Worked with Leading Industries

Viftech Solutions is a leading name, when it comes to PHP development services. We have a dedicated team of skilled web developers that is highly experienced in developing dynamic web and app platform for diverse industries.

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Technology Stack for Your PHP Web Development Project

Our expert team of developers is always ready to convert your dream project ideas into reality. We preserve a decent set of PHP development tools and expertise which helps us provide you with efficient and user-friendly applications and webpages, developed precisely to suit your unique business needs.

Our technology stack includes a wide range of PHP platforms containing Linus, Unix, Windows, Solaris, and multiple frameworks, including Laravel, Symfony, Zend, Netter, etc.


Our PHP Web Development Cycle

We have a dedicated development cycle in place to ensure timely delivery of your project.

  1. Analysis: We have a dedicated development cycle in place to ensure timely delivery of your project.
  2. Specifications: We put extra focus on the details and specifications provided by the clients to ensure complete precision, timely delivery, and follow the budget limits.
  3. Design: We develop fast and efficient apps and provide you with multiple mock versions until you get satisfied.
  4. Development: Using web development planning, we optimize the speed and work sequence during this stage.
  5. Testing: We have a defined setup of quality testing to ensure the premium quality of the deliverables.
  6. Delivery: At this stage, we share with you the fully functional, ready-to-go-live version of your project.

Our Client-Oriented Business Solutions for Organizations of All Sizes

  • Viftech is the leading market-name in designing and developing sophisticated software for all industries.
  • We live in a fast-paced environment, which makes it essential for our team to use only the latest technology for our projects.
  • Our extensive experience and expertise in diverse industries allow us to create the latest solutions that are tailored to your modern-day business needs.

Why Viftech Solutions Is the Right Choice for You?

Quality Products

We ensure that the project requirements are fulfilled completely. Viftech Solutions’ architects and PHP experts are always striving to develop and deliver quality web solutions tailored to the needs of their client.

Custom Solutions

At Viftech, we develop customized PHP solutions backed by MySQL Server Integration Services.

Seamless Project Execution

Within a limited time and for a specific budget, PHP-based business websites and web apps can be developed quickly at Viftech.

Speedy Delivery

Our web development team is well-versed about PHP frameworks which allow them to build web apps faster.

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