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Unlike many other industries in the world, the petroleum industry has unique needs in a market that is challenging and highly competitive. An enterprise of this sort requires the most pragmatic solutions to tackle its complex needs, Viftech Solutions has got you covered!

Providing You with Innovative & Industry-Specific Development,
Maintenance, and Support for the Petroleum Sector

Viftech Solutions is known for presenting diverse IT solutions to industries of all sizes; the dynamic petroleum industry is no different.

Manage Your
Organization Better

Due to an increase in competition within the petroleum industry as of late, there has also been an increase in demand for IT-related solutions that are cost-effective and unique. Viftech Solutions prides itself for catering to all the needs of its clients by designing the most creative, innovative, and effective technical solutions for the petroleum industry.


Viftech doesn’t only provide desktop solutions to the petroleum industry; it also offers mobile solutions. We provide you with excellent applications to take your business to the next level by enhancing your effectiveness without ever compromising on the quality you provide to your clients. Our solutions are safe and ensure optimum levels of protection of your data.