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A software development firm's job doesn't end with the successful installation of the application. Unlike its competitors in the market, Viftech Solutions regularly works to optimize performance levels in your project so that everything may continue to run smoothly on your systems. Such proactiveness allows us to predict possible vulnerabilities so that they may be avoided in the future. We periodically analyze your systems to make performance adjustments. Viftech Solutions is dedicated to all of its clients and believes in excellent results.


Technology Stack for Your Power Optimization

You need a technology firm that is dedicated to all of its projects, not just one. At Viftech Solutions, we have a diverse team of individuals, which includes engineers, developers, and designers that work day and night to ensure satisfaction levels of clients are at the peak-levels. If you are looking to optimize performance in your existing systems or to gain new ones, we can dedicate a team to your project that will independently work with you, understand your vision, and complete your project with only the latest technology stack available in the market.


Our Client-Oriented Business Solutions for Organizations of All Sizes

  1. Viftech Solutions develops feature-rich softwares for its valuable clients in diverse markets
  2. Our technological solutions are highly-efficient, have precisely defined interfaces, and have gone through a long quality tests series, to ensure ultimate accuracy and performance levels
  3. We have a specialized team of dedicated developers in designing that are talented and skilled in developing best practices for performance optimization

Power Optimization Cycle

We optimize your existing systems and applications with optimum levels of power and speed.



Our performance optimization development process starts with ample planning and research to safeguard that we have got all the required information on hand.

This step includes:
  • Collecting and analyzing the information provided by the client
  • Client’s need assessment
  • Reference analysis


We give you complete leverage to decide on the specs. This enables us to understand your needs and converting it into blueprints for your project.

This step includes:
  • Wire-framing
  • Technology stack confirmation
  • Roadmap settings.


Our developers work efficiently to design your performance optimization solutions and provide you with multiple mock versions until you get satisfied with the one that suits your needs precisely.

This step includes:
  • Presentation of mockups/testing versions
  • Implementation and testing of app/web user experience
  • Designing artwork & logos
  • Preliminary Version Testing/Prototyping.


At this stage, we focus on getting the task sequence and speed of your performance optimization project straightened out by using specialized development tools.

This step includes:
  • Database Structuring
  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Coding
  • System Engineering


At this stage, our quality experts ensure that your performance optimization project passes numerous tests to ensure its optimum quality and functionality.

This step includes:
  • Unit/module testing
  • System Testing.
  • Integration Testing.
  • User Acceptance Testing.


Finally, we deliver the ultimate package to you, ensuring that it runs successfully within your live environment.

This step includes:
  • The final testing performance in the live environment
  • Final performance testing and deployment
  • 7-day guarantee period


You can always get your data performance optimization app further improved by our experts; for a one-time or on a monthly, against affordable maintenance fee.

This step includes:
  • Server Maintenance.
  • Functionality & Design Maintenance.
  • Support Services.
  • System Updates.

Why Choose Us?

  • Sophisticated Analytics in real-time.

    Advanced analytics are delivered in real-time with ad-hoc query analytics, reporting, data mining, predictive, and text analytics capabilities.

  • Affordable Pricing

    We provide you with better services than our competitors at an affordable price.

  • Flexible Development/Deployment

    Resilient development and deployment features and tools help customers gain the most value from their data quickly while simplifying every day administrative processes.

  • Cutting Edge Security

    Security features provide Row and Colum Access Control and Label-Based Access Control for employees.

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