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Traditional payroll solutions like Umbrella companies and internal PAYE are complicated and inefficient. People is different. We put power at the fingertips of recruiters and contractors with the PEO payroll model and a powerful tech platform. People is the future of payroll.


Getting paid the People way makes your life simpler and more rewarding. Instead of getting paid through an Umbrella company you get paid by us. That means you’re on full PAYE with no fee. So you get the best of both worlds. The flexibility you love about contracting, but with all the security you get from being on full PAYE.

Plus, you’ll also get access to the People app which makes your life so much easier.

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People is the new payroll solution that changes everything. Our mission is to transform the payroll function into a growth driver for your business. People makes payroll simpler, smarter and more productive.

It starts with the Professional Employment Organisation Model (PEO). This means your contractors are on full PAYE. But PEO is just the start. People has built a technology platform that gets the best out of it. Incorporating financial insight and productivity tools that make your agency more efficient, productive and successful.

People is the future of payroll

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