Oracle AMB Integration

For streamlined journal entries which enable your organization
to meet specific regulatory, fiscal, analytical and regulatory requirements.

How Does Oracle AMB Improve Your Business Efficiency & Performance?

Oracle AMB enhances your business performance in various ways as listed below;

Oracle AMB allows you to create and modify accounting applications which can be then grouped into AMB and assigned to a ledger collectively.

AMB allows you to define sub-ledger transactions. Oracle AMB is a consolidated and standardized software which can be easily integrated with your LOS and provide you streamline accounting transaction.

It enhances productivity and efficiency of your accounts staff and result in increased profitability.

Why Choose Awesome Technologies Inc.?

  • We offer Oracle AMB’s integration at the most competitive market rates.
  • We have the best-in-range expertise and skills on hand to fulfill our clients’ need.
  • Our AMB integration are widely used by companies for attaining streamlined accounting operations.
  • We have a 24/7We offer /QuickBooks at the most competitive rates in the market with impeccable features and functionalities.
  • Our experts are highly skilled and qualified who work hand-in-hand with our clients to make them satisfied.
  • Our dedicated support team is always available at your service to provide your non-stop maintenance and support.

What Does It Offer?

Oracle AMB (Accounting Methods Builder) enables to form and modify accounting application and sub-ledger journal line setups.

Centralized Model

It enables you to centralize all your transaction with ease and efficiency.


Oracle AMB is a consolidated and standardized system for your accounting needs.

Improved Control & Transparency

It allows to achieve increased transparency and control over accounts.

Balanced Sub-Level Accounts

You get  increased control over your sub-level accounts and transactions.

ATI has The Best-In-Range Expertise

ATI is well-recognized for its best-in-range accounting, financial and mortgage lending solutions. We have highly skilled, qualified and professional Oracle experts, who ensure seamless integration and implementation of AMB with you LOS, without causing any disturbance to it.

ATI is proud of having the latest technology stack and keen learners who are always interested in learning new skills and technologies.

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