In simple words, OpenCart is a simple cart based on PHP and it is considered as the world’s best eCommerce development tool. Mostly companies use OpenCart for their online stores as this framework offers all in one services. It is strong, has more than enough features and also provides a user friendly interface. As you know, OpenCart is open source software and it is distributed as per GNU General Public License guidelines. It can be downloaded freely from internet and developed according to the needs of the project.


However, its free availability and user friendly features do not mean that it is easy to develop and program as well.  For developing a desired online store, one needs a team of experts on OpenCart framework to understand the unique demands of the projects and translating it perfectly using OpenCart.

One thing is for sure if you use OpenCart framework for developing your online store then you don’t have to worry about the user interface as this framework give special importance and priority to customer experience on the e-shop.

OpenCart is always the preferred choice of developer when building an online store because of its ease-of-use, installation features and great customer experience due to user interface. OpenCart comes with:

  • complete documentation,
  • number of categories can be created,
  • unlimited templates are available,
  • multiple languages can be used,
  • different currencies are accessible and many more features.

In addition to aforementioned features, OpenCart can also offers a unique yet extremely useful function by providing three major reports,

  1. Sales Report
  2. Products Viewed
  3. Products Purchased

Any company can take better decision about their online stores based on these three reports. It can give a clear picture of which products are doing well and which ones need to be updated or modified to attract customers.

Techincal Expertise:

In OpenCart framework, Viftech Solutions has technical expertise on following;

  • Payment gateway integration
  • SQL Server
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • .Net
  • AJAX
  • XML
  • JavaScript

Viftech Solutions and OpenCart Development

OpenCart development team at Viftech Solutions has experience, skill set, knowledge and strength to create a perfect solution for you using this framework.

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