Viftech Solutions is a Certified Microsoft Partner and provides Office 365 consultancy services. Office 365 is Microsoft brand which is basically a collection of software and services. It provides plenty of software along with subscriptions to the services to the users for their professional requirements.

Among many software plus services, Office 365 gives Microsoft Office applications to the consumers for Windows and OS X. It also allots a storage room on OneDrive (Microsoft cloud storage service). In addition, Office 365 gives 60 free minutes for Skype.

Office 365 also has a special version for business and enterprise consumers, where it offers e-mails and social media platform services via Exchange Server, SharePoint, Lync or Office Online. Also, it includes Yammer integration and usage of Microsoft Office suite.

Office 365 solutions

Office 365 claims to reduce the cost of daily routine tasks in any enterprise or business setup by bringing everything in one place at a discounted price.

You can save on:

Software Licensing

Software License takes up a lot of cost and it’s a recurring expense. Companies have to buy multiple software for their everyday tasks and pay licensing fee annually. But Office 365 allows businesses to reduce this cost dramatically by paying one licensing fee instead of many.


Since many of your operations are under one roof, it is easy to maintain. You don’t have to check-up multiple software for maintenance, it’s just about caring for one i.e. Office 365.

Web Conferencing

Web conferences is an eminent part of any business setup but you don’t have to worry about it after going for Office 365 as you are getting Skype in the package too. So web conferences is not the issue anymore, you can have as many web conferences as you want.

Viftech Solutions and Office 365 migration

If you have decided to go for Office 365 services then the biggest challenge would be migration from your current applications to Office 365 setup. Well, we are here to help you in this regard. We have a highly talented group of Microsoft Office 365 consultants who will allow you to migrate your things as per your liking and pace. And our team will give you as much flexibility as you require in the migration process.

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