“Locker Management Information System” (LMIS) is a comprehensive tool designed to cater all the needs of bank lockers; be it signing up new customers, maintaining billing records, checking the locker traffic of any customer or extracting employees’ attendance. LMIS is one window solution for any bank to tackle all the bank locker issues and thrive in the business by being most organized and effective.

Introducing new customer into the database

There are two sorts of customers in a bank locker – one existing bank customers and second non-customers. The information gathering for both these type of customers varies as bank already have most of the information about its existing customers while it needs everything from scratch for non-customers. Thus, registration forms are different and so is the data entry process – LMIS will import all the necessary details from dedicated database for existing bank customers and create new files for new customers.

Besides sign up process, there are other details that can be maintained and recorded like traffic record, locker location, insurance details, monthly fee, initial deposit, locker expiry date etc.

Employees and customers’ traffic record

Bank lockers need a proper and accurate system for recording right time of customers and employees’ check-in and check-out. This data can be recorded manually – the customers get in and the front desk officer asks him/her to mark the attendance along with time and signature. Well it is time consuming, it irritates the customer and also, there is a fair chance of human error.

An ideal way to allow the traffic inside the locker will be via thumb impression or any other identification verification procedure. LMIS records the check-in and check-out time of the customers and employees exactly in the same manner, which provides enhanced security and an effective and accurate method of recording very crucial information.

Built-in and customized reports, generated automatically and manually

Report generation is the key to assess performance of any department in any bank. In a bank locker, some reports are obvious and compulsory; LMIS has a built-in report generation system for such reports like employees check-in time. But too many other reports are varied and different, for instance if the bank wants to see all the customers who have visited on Thursdays in any particular month, LMIS allows advanced search filters and one can generate report for the same. The dynamic factor is not customized report generation but any report can emailed to anybody in the bank or even outside via LMIS.

Sending crucial emails to employees and customers

Emails serve as a reminder in bank lockers world. The bank requires to send plenty of emails to its customers like sending monthly invoices, reminding about the last payment date, sending details of customers’ visit, welcome mail on sign up, birthday wishes and plenty of related stuff. LMIS has abundance of email templates for different purposes, the bank can add even more templates as per its policies and functions in the software.

Moving on from emails to customers, bank locker department has monthly reports to be sent via email to various other departments in the bank. LMIS allows bank locker to automate this process or one can perform this task manually depending upon the convenience and nature of reports.

Charge and receive payments via various methods

The bank customers who have opted for bank locker facility can pay their monthly rent via their bank accounts but the non-customers have plenty of bank locker fee payment options. LMIS has the capability to record all sorts of transaction in this regard. Whether the rent has been paid via cash, debit/credit cards, bank accounts or online payment, LMIS will record it systematically in one place mentioning the source of payment. Thus, when the record is being analyzed at any point of time, the source could be easily pinpointed along with other details like date, time etc.

Flexible and dedicated database

One of the most primary tasks in any bank locker is to maintain a database of customers. LMIS provides a dedicated database to input all your customers’ information. LMIS database is flexible as it can import details from any other source and also, it can transfer its data efficiently to any third party software. But this flexibility does not translate into making the customers’ data vulnerable to theft or misuse. LMIS database is encrypted, meaning only relevant personnel with permission can access and utilize it. In addition, LMIS support includes regular check-ups of the database for eliminating possible threats or bugs.
Easy to use interface, requires no formal training

One of the major concerns of any organization before adopting a new system is the additional cost of training the staff and familiarizing them with the new software. LMIS is very easy to use and pretty much anybody can get a hang of it and in case of any trouble, there is proper training available and our support desk can be contacted anytime.

In addition to being easy, the bank locker employees can speed up their work on LMIS by using keyboard shortcuts and performing many functions simultaneously.

Business Intelligence: analyze and take better decisions

The industry today is driven by Business Intelligence, industry leaders are stressing about analyzing your data and taking your future decisions based on it. LMIS also gives you an opportunity to see your data in a single platform and uncover the hidden trends and truths that can surely improve your decisions.

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