Integrate systems of record with systems of engagement to meet new business requirements. With the growth in transactions driven by technological trends of Mobile, Cloud, Big Data, and Social Collaboration, the need exists more than ever for reliable, high performing back-end integration between systems of record, and system of engagement.

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IBM WebSphere Application ServerEfficiently build, deploy and manage applications and services. IBM® WebSphere® Application Server serves applications from the front office to the back office – whether mobile, Web, cloud or mission-critical enterprise applications-to support seamless Systems of Interaction.
IBM MQ LightMakes it easy for developers to incorporate asynchronous messaging into applications to help make them responsive and more scalable. Simple use and easy to get started, with simple yet powerful API available in a growing range of programming languages.
WebSphere eXtreme ScaleProvides distributed object caching essential for elastic scalability and next-generation cloud environments.

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