Designed for you and built to handle the evolving world of work, IBM Verse is our completely reimagined view of what mail should be. It gets to know you—identifying the people and patterns in how you work—and then draws your attention to the messages, meetings and tasks that you care about. It introduces completely new possibilities for how you get work done. And it’s social, bringing your community and network to you.

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IBM VerseIBM Verse is mail as you’ve never imagined it before. Using advanced design thinking, the latest in social analytics, and delivered from the cloud to your favorite mobile device or desktop, IBM Verse helps you prioritize your work, personalize your work experience, build stronger working relationships, and frees you to spend more time on higher value work.
IBM Connections Cloud S1IBM® Connections Cloud S1 (formerly IBM SmartCloud Engage Advanced) combines enterprise-class email, instant messaging, online document editing, web conferencing, file sharing and social business services in an easy to deploy, simplified package. As a cloud-based service, your collaboration and messaging infrastructure needs are managed by IBM, allowing you to focus on your core business.
IBM Connections Cloud S2IBM® Connections Cloud S2 (formerly IBM SmartCloud Engage) is an integrated suite of collaboration tools that combine your business social network with web conferencing and collaboration capabilities. Deployed as software-as-a-service, these affordable social collaboration tools provide ease of use and can help you reduce costs, improve productivity and spur growth and innovation.
IBM Connections Meetings CloudIBM® Connections Meetings Cloud (formerly IBM SmartCloud Meetings) is a full-featured web meetings software-as-a-service in the IBM Cloud, designed for businesses of all sizes. Quickly and confidently distribute information, share applications and give presentations in a security-rich environment. An intuitive, easy-to-use interface helps you to set up and run your own meetings—virtually anytime, from anywhere—with a web browser and an Internet connection.

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