How to Use Modeling View in Power BI Desktop

maaz uddin

Published on 18 Jan.

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    The new modeling view in Power BI desktop enables you to break out complex models into separate diagrams and set common properties in one go. In the properties pane, you can view and modify properties and set display folders for simplification of complex models.
    This blog is a short guide to learn how to use modeling view in Power BI in case if this feature seems new to you.

    1.   Enable the Feature

    • To enable modeling view select File > Options & Settings > Options > Preview Features
    • Checkmark the modeling view feature as shown below:


    • It will ask you to restart Power BI Desktop to enable the feature. Click ‘OK’ to confirm.modeling-view_01b

    2.   Using Modeling View

    • Select the Modeling view icon from the left side of Power BI Desktop to access modeling view.

    3.   How to Create Separate Diagrams

    • Using Modeling view you can create diagrams of your model which has the subset of the tables in your model. It makes your working easier with the complex datasets and helps provide a clearer view of the tables.
    • Click the ‘+’ sign next to the ‘All tables’ tab to create a new diagram as a subset of the tables.
    • Drag the table from the Fields list onto the diagram surface. Right-click the table, and then select ‘Add related tables’ from the menu that appears.


    • When you perform the action, tables that are relevant to the original table are displayed in the new diagram.
    • In the following image, you can see how related tables are displayed after selecting the ‘Add related tables’ menu option.modeling-view_05

    Set Common Properties

    • If you want to select multiple objects at once in Modeling view, you can do it by holding the ‘CTRL’ key and clicking multiple tables.
    • As you select the multiple tables, they will be highlighted in Modeling view. The changes applied in the Properties pane will apply to all selected tables.



    This blog is taken from Microsoft to guide our readers about the latest Power BI update. The images and content solely blog to them and do not necessarily represent those of Viftech; its team and the contributor to the site.

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