How to Set Up RSS to Email Newsletter in WordPress

maaz uddin

Published on 17 Aug.

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    Do you have a definite mailing list function defined along with your blog? If not, you must start thinking about it. And if you already have one, don’t you want your subscribers to receive roundup posts about your blog? But how you are supposed to do that. It is actually effortless.
    You may come across many choices when you decide to start your newsletter or email lists. The options may include writing the email content by yourself or hiring the content writer to do this for you. But, this may turn into a hefty task if you want to start an email campaign. But if you know how to set up RSS to Email newsletter in your WordPress, then it is actually pretty simple.
    With RSS, you can send your subscribers a summary of your blog posts based on your chosen interval. This blog post shows you how you can set up RSS to Email newsletter in your WordPress.
    Why Do You Need to Set Up RSS to Email Newsletter in WordPress?
    The best thing that your growing emailing list indicates is that you can attract repetitive visitors to your blogs whenever a new post is ready to publish. However, a significant downside to this is that it may aggravate your subscribers if they receive emails for every blog post, as this can be bothering. With RSS campaign, you can choose to send emails on the desired intervals, rather than sending auto-emails after each publishing. RSS campaign features allow you to define intervals based on your choice, such as monthly, weekly, or daily. In this way, you can keep your subscribers updated without frustrating them.
    What Benefits Does WordPress RSS to Email Offer?
    There are countless advantages of sending periodic but regular emails to your subscribers about your new content, features, or services. Some of the foremost benefits offered by WordPress RSS to Email include the following;

    • Since the primary purpose of the RSS campaign is to inform your subscribers about the new content that is available at your site to be read . RSS campaign facilitates you putting your content in front of your audience, to appeal them to read or at least consider to read.
    • It can also help you in keeping your audience engaged. With RSS feed, you can provide your audience with the content which includes recommendations or a list of call to action that offer them some value. Delivering the value that is truly helpful to them is the best way to create a brand which people appreciate and like to interact.
    • It can benefit you by letting you know and follow your readers’ action. The ESP helps you know how many of your emails have been opened and what is the rate of click-throughs for every email. This will also help you see the blog titles that worked well and the one that faces ignorance.
    • With RSS to Email in WordPress, marketers get a chance to set schedules date and time for the content that is required to be emailed to the subscribers.

    Step by Step Guide to Set Up RSS to Email Newsletter in WordPress
    If you wish to send regular roundups to your subscribers about your blog post via email, then let us help you with a step by step guide to set up RSS to Email Newsletter in WordPress.

    • To build am RSS campaign, first, go to the Campaign page once you sign in to your WordPress account. Then click on ‘Create Campaign.’
    • Click on ‘Create an Email, that appears in the modal pop-up.
    • Select ‘Share Blog Updates’ in the ‘Automated’ tab.
    • You will be asked to name the campaign and choose a list. Click ‘Start’ then.
    • Next, you can now state your RSS feed URL and choose your sending interval. If you are unsure about your RSS feed URL, then simply specify URL of your blog.
    • Pick the best sending time for your blog i.e., monthly, weekly, or daily.
    • Choose your email list now and specify all the necessary details of your campaign.
    • Pick a catchy template to make your email simple yet pretty.
    • At this point, you can tailor your template according to your preferences.
    • Add RSS items to design your panel. Click ‘Enter Preview Mode’ under the ‘Preview and Test’ option to view changes that you have made.
    • Go back to the design panel if you need further modifications. Once done, you can now start to click on ‘Start RSS’ to begin with your RSS campaign based on your specified schedule.
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