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How Much Does SharePoint License Cost?

SharePoint is truly one of the world’s most incredible platforms for any organization. It allows workers to share and handle content, and data enabling better teamwork. By acquiring a SharePoint license, you get the chance to manage your content effectively, and it also helps to improve the productivity of your business.

SharePoint allows dynamic teams to connect and collaborate on projects efficiently. They can share files, data, and information, through mobiles, PCs, and tablets.

Users can also share and access files externally, record the history of all files, and keep up-to-date with modifications.

It can be complicated to estimate the cost of SharePoint for your business because it exists in many ways, depending on the company that utilizes it.

SharePoint online costs

Cost of SharePoint is relatively low as compared to the SharePoint server. SharePoint 2013, 2016, and 2019 license cost will be higher the online option. SharePoint Online is very cost-effective. There are three packages available in SharePoint online:

The first available package is for Dollar 5 per month, in which you’ll only get SharePoint and One Drive. The next available package is for Dollar 10 per month in which you’ll be able to access all the SharePoint online features. The third package is for Dollar 20 SharePoint along with Office 365, exchange teams, delve, and yammer. This package is impressive, and it’s very comprehensive too.

On-premises costs

If you don’t want to choose SharePoint online and prefer using SharePoint on-premises, the price will be a little higher as I mentioned above. There are two on-premises versions available to choose from. One is Standard CAL, and the other is Enterprise CAL. Standard CAL offers the core capabilities of SharePoint. However, Enterprise CAL provides the full capabilities of SharePoint.

For the Standard CAL, you will have content, search, sites, and communities. And Enterprise CAL contains all the features of Standard CAL plus Business intelligence and business solutions.

Number of Users you have?

To consider the number of users you have is significant when it comes to the total SharePoint license cost. The regular license cost of SharePoint 2013 and 2016 is maximum of Dollar 100 per user, so if you have around 100 people that use this solution you cost can reach up to Dollar 10000. That is very expensive, that is why most of the people prefer SharePoint online.

Which version of SharePoint is the most affordable?

The latest version is more costly as compared to the earlier ones. But if you go with the online option, the cost will be lower.

Other costs you need to consider

Besides the cost of the SharePoint license, you also need to think about the other additional costs that you need to consider such as  IT SharePoint Administrator, Hardware, Disaster Recovery / Offsite Backup, 3rd party Add-ons, SQL Licenses, Management Tools, raining, Development.

SharePoint can be very reasonable or costly. Consider your choices and the tradeoffs and research other areas as well. Check with licensing vendors for pricing as they may vary depending on your agreements with MS. If you have an Enterprise Agreement, it may provide you with a different cost. Consult and talk with your vendors to find the best value and of course, shop around.

We at Viftech know that it may not be as easy as it sounds on paper to master the art migration on SharePoint at times. Are you bothered that you may not be able to pick the correct package for your organizational desires? You can always reach us and guide you to the right choice by our expert Microsoft SharePoint consultants. After all, we’re one of the top consulting companies in Microsoft SharePoint!


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