How Microsoft Team enable efficient collaboration in the cloud


Published on 01 Apr.

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    The new world of work and thus the modern workplace are already a requirement in many companies. In the past there was controversial discussion about working in virtual teams and with data stored in the cloud. That is exactly what has become the new status quo in our everyday work. The facility of working from anywhere, using any smart device has opened new doors of flexibility and improved productivity to the world while offering greater work-life balance benefits. According to a recent research conducted by IWG, over two-third of the global workforce travel at least once in a week, and 53% of the global workforce work at least half of the week from their home office. This enables companies to compete in an increasingly globalized society – so the real challenge is to adapt to these new job requirements.


    The Challenge – Use Applications That Match the Requirements

    In November 2019, Microsoft released Microsoft Teams user numbers and had 20 million active daily users – beating other competitors like Slack. Microsoft Teams was first launched in 2017, and since then, it has become one of the most widespread and preferred cloud-based applications when it comes to modern communication and teamwork. Despite the move of many companies to Office 365 and Microsoft Teams, many companies and organizations still face the challenge of finding the most suitable solution for collaboration and communication.


    Today’s technology enables virtual teams and seamless collaboration: there are a lot of tools that could make every day work much easier. There are many providers of intelligent solutions for more efficient communication, online meetings and real-time collaboration that offer file sharing and highly available and secure document management.


    So how do you find your solution and how can you ensure that all components can be successfully implemented? Getting partnered with a professional and experienced service provider can be of great help. Having a professional services provider not only help you in finding the right solutions for your business that meet all your needs and necessities, but it also prepares you in the right way about the technical functionalities and their implementation.


    Microsoft Teams: The Turbo for Modern Teamwork

    Microsoft Teams – Your Platform for Teamwork in Office 365

    Don’t you want to drive your workplace of the future with state-of-the-art communication tools? Intelligent communication helps users to network better and work more productively by having direct access to all the necessary documents and tools. As a chat-based hub for modern teamwork within Office 365, Microsoft Teams offers exactly this platform.


    Centralized Communication & Collaboration

    • More Efficient Communication: Group chats, online meetings, phone calls and web conferences on one platform
    • Better Collaboration: Work together on documents with integrated Office 365 applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and SharePoint
    • Individualized Work Areas: Personalized areas with the Microsoft applications and third-party services of your choice
    • Highest Security: End-to-end security, administrative control and compliance – all with Office 365.


    The Advantages of Microsoft Teams at A Glance

    • Increase productivityand work at any time from the device of your choice – no matter where and when.
    • Improve collaborationwith the latest tools for teamwork and meetings.
    • Increase your securityand trust the highest data protection standards from Microsoft.
    • Reduce implementation and operational costsand reduce the burden on your IT team.

    The Requirements

    If your company have multiple offices located at the key business locations all across the world, you must have thought of having a versatile platform that smoothen your everyday communication, collaboration and document sharing process, while offering your secured access from multiple smart devices such as tablets, laptops and smartphones as well. You must also have though that the new platform should enable the sharing of documents with external partners and offer the possibility to edit documents in real time. And what could be better, if it also has a ‘Chat’ feature which facilitates direct communication among remote team members and also provide secured customer access even if somebody from outside the corporate network want to connect. What we are glad to tell you about is that you can get all these feature within your enterprise system by simple integrating the ideal solution names as the Microsoft Teams.

    The Solution

    With the help of our consulting experts, you can also get Microsoft Teams as the ideal solution for user productivity. Throughout the entire process of planning, definition and implementation, we remain at the customer’s side as a trusted advisor. The consultants provided a test environment, provided advice and support, recommended security measures and supported the introduction of Microsoft teams.
    A solution for the enterprise-wide, automated deployment of Microsoft Teams is also developed. With this your employees can now easily request and receive Microsoft Teams without the order requiring additional processing by the IT department.


    The New World of Work with Microsoft Teams

    With the new work and communication platform, your employees can easily exchange and edit documents, at the same time work smoothly internally and externally with partners and also communicate:

    • Exchange and edit documents and information quickly and easily.
    • Smooth cooperation with external partners.
    • Chat or presence information is integrated in a single tool – only one client application is required.
    • Mobile access via tablet and smartphone, even from outside the company network.
    • Relief for the internal IT department and savings in hardware resources in the company’s own data center.
    • Introduction of Microsoft Teams as the cornerstone for additional Microsoft 365 services within the company.


    Your Journey to A Safe & Modern Workplace

    Not every tool fits your company. It must be suitable for your user groups and match your own business goals – ideally from the start. The successful implementation of Microsoft Team as a new collaboration solution does not end with its rollout. Rather, it requires you to make sure to involve your end users from the start and offer an appropriate training and induction process.


    If you are also looking for a communication and collaboration platform to make your workplace a safe place for the future, get in touch with us and learn more about Microsoft Teams.

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