How Microsoft SharePoint Can Benefit Your Small Business

maaz uddin

Published on 04 Jul.

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    Since 2001, Microsoft SharePoint has been around us, and in all these years, it performed so well to become the foremost collaboration resource choice for the top business enterprises. The release of SharePoint 2007 enabled businesses to harness the online collaboration powers, while the release of SharePoint 2016 offered countless new proficiencies to the IT professionals, end-user, and administrators. By now, all the leading entrepreneurs, enterprises and IT professionals have reached the consensus that SharePoint Server is the most scalable, reliable, highest-performing and secure collaboration platform

    Microsoft SharePoint & Small Businesses

    Although large enterprises have recognized the need and benefits of being online present, the small businesses hold up for some reasons. Astonishingly, there are still 60% of small businesses that do not have marked their online presence yet. When asked, the majority of them replied with the conjecture that their business operations are too small to go online. Despite the increasing popularity of online platforms and the significance of cloud storage, small businesses are found to very slow in adopting these latest technologies and so their benefits. SharePoint is also one such platform which allows businesses of all sizes to streamline their workflows while helping them to drive innovation and higher productivity. Here, we have listed the most significant benefits that your business may reap with the SharePoint implementations.

    Effective Data Management

    Every business – big or small, produces a hefty volume of information every day, which is stored in the form of files/documents. These documents are different for different projects, belongs to different teams, and have different formats and sizes. All these elements make it complicated for a business to keep its data organized and readily accessible to the users when required. SharePoint allows enterprises of all sizes to store their data in an organized manner, along with efficient sorting, filtration, and quick retrieval whenever desired. SharePoint integrates seamlessly with on-premise, cloud, and hybrid settings, and all the data managed through it can be accessed anytime, anywhere, by using the device of your preference.

    Practical & User-Friendly

    Regardless of the size, people at every organization are resistant to change. Especially when it is about learning technical stuff like software. But, SharePoint is very simple to learn. In fact, it is designed while keeping the non-technical users into consideration. SharePoint is designed along the minor learning curve, and it closely resembles the interface of the famous Microsoft Office, which enables a quick learning experience.

    Better Collaboration

    SharePoint has been designed to provide improved collaboration, and therefore, it is undoubtedly the best feature it offers. Users of SharePoint can easily share documents, contacts, events, meeting, and ideas in no time. SharePoint’s ability to foster collaboration gives an instant boost to the company’s productivity and employee performance in general.

    Improved Project Management

    Small businesses often face criticism of being inefficient in project management. If left unaddressed, this inefficiency may lead to poor performances and unstructured work in the future. SharePoint allows its users to use options like calendars blend in with the Microsoft Outlook, and to use Gantt Charts to track project performance while keeping a sharp eye on the incomplete task and their requirements. Its task lists are also very manageable and easy-to-use and facilitate the team members with quick edit and review options.

    Streamlined Emails

    Internal communication is crucial for overall employee and organizational productivity. Nowadays, email is the most common method used or internal corporate communication. However, it often becomes challenging to manage the enormous email pile-ups, and it requires a system which brings them to the recipients notice timely to enable him to read and respond. With SharePoint, you can simply create a portal, where all your internal email can be saved and shared with complete data security.
    Adopting SharePoint for your enterprise does not need a second thought. It can play a significant role in improving productivity, focus, and profitability of your organization.
    If you don’t want to be counted among the slow adopters and have any question that you want to ask about SharePoint implementations, then talk to our experts now, and let them guide you how it can benefit your small business. Call now for a free consultation or leave your questions in the comment section below.

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