General Ledger Software

Your accounts are at the core of your business and we completely understand the face. For this, Viftech Solution has a beautifully designed G/L software that will boost your financials.

Our Accounting/ General Ledger Software

Are Designed to Maintain the Sanity of Your Account Books

Effective account management is the lifeblood of any business We offer our clients, tailored G/L software and applications, that are exclusively designed and crafted as per their unique business needs.

What Is a General Ledger Solution?

The G/L solution by Viftech is designed to enhance your financials. Entries from various applications flow into General Ledger, giving you all the essential financial information timely for effective, insightful decision making. Our G/L allows you to stay up to date on receivables, payables, budget information, and transaction history throughout your system. Maintain your journal, log recurring entries, generate audit trails, and create custom financial statements and reports for up-to-date information on company activities.

What Are the Salient Features of Our G/L Solution?

  • Export or print or financial statements, and view in interactive views.
  • Drill down the data as much as needed along with the supporting information.
  • Build your own custom statements and choose from a wide variety of preconfigured financial statements or use the flexible reporting tools.
  • Print financial statements and other reports for all of the years for which you’ve saved history.
  • Use unlimited forecasts and budgets for inquiry and reporting.
  • Create revised budgets and forecasts at any time and compare your actual results to the original budget.
  • Store or print posting logs in files.
  • You can also copy or import transactions from Excel, where you enter or modify records.
  • Create budgets based on amounts, percentages, or other filters.
  • Keep multiple years open during transaction entry and posting functions.

One G/L Solution for Multiple Accounting Needs

Our G/L solutions is designed to be wholesome so that you can address your multiple accounting issues covered under one solutions without investing and worrying about multiple resources.

Reduced Time & Efforts

G/L reduce time and efforts that used by needed in managing the account manually.

Cost Savings

Although G/L is slightly costly and time-consuming, the benefits are far more than the cost you pay.

Improved Employee Efficiency

Fully automated account handling improves your employees’ efficiency and productivity.

Increased Collaboration

Results in accurate and transparent management enhance collaboration at the enterprise level.

Client-Oriented Solution for All Business Types & Sizes

We provide Personalized General Ledger/Accounting solutions for all types of enterprise from diverse industries. Our solutions are highly acclaimed and trusted by the leading names in the global market.

Our Business Mantra

At Viftech Solutions, we have a proven methodology and a dedicated team of experts, which enables us to deliver consistent results with the best outcomes. While working with our partners, the following four considerations always remain at our utmost priority.

To Address Pain Points

Provide solutions that target your concern with immediate effects.

To Optimize Performance

Find ways that boost your performance optimally.

Always Stay Creative

We always push our limits to find the best for you.

To Satisfy Clients

Client satisfaction is always our first & last primacy.

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