Encompass Plugins

Save time and money by using an automated commission calculating interface.

For Process Simplification & Long-Term Functionality Without Changing Existing Architecture

Encompass Plugins offered by ATI are fully adaptive & responsive to LOS systems, as they use the existing system architecture while ensuring persistent functionality and little or no change to the code.

Why Choose Encompass?

Because for us, Encompass Plugins are not just about being simple widgets; it is all about providing you with comprehensive solutions that are developed, supported, documented, tested and updated professionally.

What Benefits Does Encompass Offers to an Enterprise?

Encompass offers you a wide range of benefits. Encompass Plugins if done correctly can help you in

  • Simplifying and automating processes and procedures.
  • Eliminating the requirement for having complex business rules and tasks.
  • Automating existing manual procedures in your LOS and other systems.
  • Recognize, gather and analyze any desired data in your database.
  • Conditional management of your business workflows.

Smart Range Solutions for Your Multiple Encompass Data Needs

At ATI, we understand and address all your needs; this is why we have an assorted range of tools and solutions for your Encompass data needs.

Enhanced Simplification & Process Automation

Encompass plugins and data solutions are designed to provide with optimal level efficiency.

Save Time

Simplified procedures result in enhanced productivity and profitability in less time.

A Client-Oriented Solution for All Business Types & Sizes

Encompass data is flexible enough to be modified as per the compliance requirement, modification or adjustments in existing data or any change in your business requirements. At ATI, our experts ensure seamless integration and result-driven performance of Encompass data along with your existing business processes.

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