Encompass 360 Integration

Overcome unnecessary task complications and business with enhanced process automation within your LOS.

How Does Encompass 360 Improve Your LOS?

Encompass 360 improve your LOS in following ways;

Encompass 360 provides companies with a simplified and automated loan origination process. It eliminates all the unnecessary complex tasks and protocols from loan process.

Encompass also automates the existing manual process of the existing loan origination system and helps in data collection and analysis.

With Encompass 360, you are also empowered to make conditional flows to your workflows.

Why You Need Encompass 360?

You need Encompass 360 because;

  • Modern landscapes of the lending industry are progressively becoming highly challenging and competitive, which is making its crucial for every mortgage lending organization to not let their non-integrated systems, organizational inefficiencies, or outmoded LOS to get into the way to your success.
  • Encompass 360 is designed with the underlying research to facilitate all the needs of borrowers and lenders living in the digital world, anticipating for a for an all-inclusive system which provide them with a lending experience ranging from loan search to closing.

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