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Design Best Practices When Developing an iOS Mobile App


Published on 16 Jun.

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    When developing a mobile app for iOS, there are a few things to consider about best design practices. These would optimize the performance of your application and the user experience. Design is a crucial step in any mobile application. But when it is not suitable for the operating system, you can have problems, especially the aspect of user experience. This article will cover the best ways to design your app according to the latest iOS standards. This is to help the perfect harmony between design and the iOS user experience. Because it is probably the number one priority when developing a mobile application.

    1. Importance of Alignment

    Text alignment is probably one of the most important things to consider when designing a mobile app. Make sure you have enough space on the margins. Which, by iOS standards, would be 16 pt for a compact size or 20 pt for a regular size.

    Conventionally, the text must be centered or positioned on the left, the titles must follow the text style as well as the buttons. The edit and delete buttons should generally remain at the top left or below the buttons. While mixing with the text so that all the space is organized and divided equally. The general rule would be to follow a consistent and specific pattern and to respect the spacing.

    1. Text Readability

    One of the best design practices concerns texts. In the development of iOS mobile applications, a high contrast between titles, subtitles and text, as well as size is probably a very obvious mention, but nevertheless they are absolutely crucial. You should always differentiate between titles and normal text and have as much contrast as possible. Also to easily differentiate them in a very organic and simple way (without chaotic). Spacing and size are also worth mentioning for the best user experience in mobile application development. Sometimes you can have a hard time with the amount of information in relation to the availability of space, but when in doubt, always choose readability and smart spacing first.

    1. Application Icon Without Text

    When designing an icon for a mobile application, it is strongly advised not to include text in it as it will become pixelated and difficult to read. Also, funny thing about humans, they are much more likely to remember a beautiful visual image rather than heavy text. Make sure your app icon contains a simple, reliable image that doesn’t have too many colors, because in designing a mobile app, less usually means more.

    1. High-Resolution Visuals

    Everyone loves a mobile application development that contains beautiful images that occupy the entire screen. Crisp and perfect images that will certainly please the human eye. Users love clean, tidy screens with no disturbances like pixelated distortions and strange compressions.

    By default, high-resolution screens require images with more pixels, so according to the latest iOS devices. That means images with @ 3x for the latest iPhones, which means 300px x 300px. Also according to the principles of iOS mobile application development, you must always use PNG and 8-bit color palettes which will reduce the file size but will not affect the quality.

    In conclusion, when developing an iOS mobile app, there is a lot to consider to get the best user experience possible. These guidelines are a little glimpse into the iOS world for applying the best design practices. But also to see what to expect when you master the art of mobile application development. For more information on iOS application development, please visit our page. Click here to connect now.

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