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A data warehouse is the most popular form of data integration when it comes to an enterprise. There are several benefits of integrated data within an organization. What a data warehouse does is, it integrates data from several sources and makes it available for all on a unique platform. Viftech Solutions provides you with the stellar data integration services your organization deserves.


Technology Stack for Your Data Warehouse Integration

Viftech Solutions maintains a strong focus on acquiring all the latest technologies and skills that are required to develop and deliver innovative data warehouse integrations for our clients. We manage a diverse set of modern tools and technical expertise to ensure quick development of your data warehouse integration and its intertwined solutions. Our team of expert developers provides you with customized data warehouse integrations and frameworks, ensuring that they are closely aligned with your business needs and requirements.


Our Client-Oriented Business Solutions for Organizations of All Sizes

  1. We always prefer working in close association with our clients to guarantee that all their requirements are individually met.
  2. Viftech, with all its leading market technologies, along with our talented developers, that contribute immensely to your business growth, making sure that you get the desired data warehouse integration services.
  3. We develop and deliver codes along with complete documentation for easy and quick understanding.

Data Warehouse Development Cycle

We integrate complex raw data from several sources into a singular data warehouse for you.



Our data warehouse integration cycle begins with thorough research and analysis of the data provided by the client.

This step includes:
  • Data collection and analysis (provided by client)
  • Need Analysis of both, i.e. the client and business
  • Research on required technologies


At this stage, we ensure that all the preliminary information provided by the client is broken down and transformed into product/service specification.

This step includes:
  • Wireframe development
  • Technology stack check
  • Budget & deadline discussion


Our dedicated developers keep on working on the blueprints until you approve the version that you find perfectly nourishing for your business’s needs and demands.

This step includes:
  • Mockup demonstration
  • Data warehouse integration & UX testing
  • Artwork design
  • Testing of the preliminary/prototype version


This is the core stage where our talented developers transform your expectation into reality while using the perfect blend of advanced development tools.

This step includes:
  • Database structuring
  • Backend development
  • Frontend coding
  • System engineering


We have a dedicated team of quality experts, which ensures that the development process is error-free at every level so that there are no hitches at the time of deployment.

This step includes:
  • Unit/module testing
  • System testing
  • Integration testing
  • User acceptance testing


At this stage, the final version of data warehouse integrations is provided to the client, ensuring its successful execution in their real business environment.

This step includes:
  • Integration testing in the live environment
  • Final testing and deployment
  • 7-day guarantee period


Viftech also provides maintenance services to its clients. You can choose the service against affordable maintenance charges.

This step includes:
  • Server maintenance
  • qDesign and functionality updates
  • System updates

Why Choose Us?

  • Satisfied Customers

    Our Consultants are experts in the fields of data integration, data modeling, data warehousing, business intelligence, and database design. They never fail to satisfy our clients’ need.

  • Best Solutions

    With our solutions, you will gain a competitive edge in both operational and analytic environments, because they are robust, reliable, and support integration with your existing and new systems.

  • Expert Team

    Our experts are well-known industry developers who have extensive experience in the skills required to build a robust architecture. We hold our consultants to a high standard, and they do not fail us.

  • Scalable/Robust Solutions

    We have confidence in developing a scalable and robust data warehouse and integration solutions which will design to fit in your requirement as your company grows.

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