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There are so many open source development platforms available but why do some companies still go for custom Content Management System (CMS)? There must be some genuine reason for them to go for custom CMS rather than choosing Drupal, Joomla, WordPress and many others.

We have developed many custom CMS solutions for different sizes of companies to satisfy their unique business needs. And as an expert custom CMS development company, we actually know the real reason of choosing a custom CMS development rather than open CMS platforms.


One of the major reasons to choose a Custom CMS over an open source CMS is security. The logic is simple here; hackers are more interested in corrupting open source CMS than a custom one. So if your product

Freedom of Functionality

There are certain websites that requires frequent content updates and then there are other websites that requires no such update but serve as a showcase.

Another reason for going for custom CMS development is to have the freedom of functionality. If a website does not need frequent updates then it’s useless to create a comprehensive content update function. And custom CMS allows this freedom of expanding or contracting the development.

Clean Code

Continuing on our last point, you can keep the code clean by just keeping it simple and focusing on things that are required by your business.

Viftech Solutions and Custom CMS Development

Viftech Solutions possesses comprehensive skills and future growth insights for defining specific business requirements in detailed business analysis. Our aim is to create effective CMS with required functionalities:

  • Pool of expert CMS developers
  • Assurance of faster service
  • Quality network with zero optimization
  • Client satisfaction is our top priority
  • Round the clock technical support
  • On-time project delivery as time is everything in professional world
  • Overall development and huge savings for our clients
  • Low investment and high returns for you
  • Best infrastructure for high productivity

Invest your trust in Viftech Solutions CMS development team, hire us, and we promise you won’t be disappointed!! Contact us today for more details; we are available 24/7.

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