A Smart Lenders & Broker
Delivery & Sorting System

To efficiently manage, review and deliver large loan volumes and their documentation.

Manage & Delivery Hundreds of Loans & Their Documents Simultaneously.

Selling, reviewing and delivering large volumes of loans to the correspondent lenders & their document is just a matter of few clicks with Corridor.

Why Choose Corridor?

Corridor is an ideal broker and lender delivery and sorting system which facilitate you to perform multiple tasks while using a simple yet smart solution. Corridor is a unified process that works for hundreds of loans simultaneously.

What Benefits Does Corridor Offer to an Enterprise?

Being a time-efficient system, Corridor facilitates you to

  • Immediately upload all the documentation and loan into their respective LOS system as soon as you receive.
  • loans and documentation from the broker.
  • Easily sort all the pertinent documents into their designated folder for quick search and access in future.
  • Start working on all the loans right away, by following a few easy steps.

Corridor Can Help You Save Several Work-Hours

Corridor is designed to leverage optimal levels of efficiency and convenience,
while reducing work efforts to a significant level. Because with Corridor you will have

  • No more tiresome inputs for large data volumes.
  • Efficient sorting & management of multiple files in not time.
  • Saving hundreds of dollars from extra personnel cost.
Automated Process

Powerful automated sorting & delivery of hundreds of loan and documents.

Enhanced Productivity

Increased productivity along with saved work hours, money and efforts.

A Client-Oriented Solution for All Business Types & Sizes

Corridor work as One-Platform Solution and a Unified Process, which is capable of meeting the requirement of diverse business sizes. At ATI, our experts ensure seamless integration and result-driven performance of Corridor with your existing business processes.

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