In Software Development/PHP Application Services, CodeIgniter is usually known as a powerful framework for those who want to build websites using PHP with a very small footprint. CodeIgniter is built for PHP coders who need a simple and elegant tool kit to create fully-featured web applications.

CodeIgnitor development

Why we chose to build a PHP Codeigniter team?

Small Framework

The lastest version of PHP Codeigniter is of 2 MB only, including the user manual file. It almost doesn’t occupy a space in your storage but performs really important tasks.

Compatible with hosting

The only basic requirement of Codeigniter is PHP 5.2.4. Otherwise it is compatible with all hosting services, be it shared or dedicated. In addition with hosting, codeigniter also works fine with all the common databases like MySQL.

Focused on simplicity

Codeigniter focuses on Model-view-controller (MVC) architect and it is more about performance than looks but it does not mean it restricts programmers in any way. Programmers have the freedom to play around and make most of this PHP platform.

Outstanding Performance

Since PHP codeigniter is a MVC driven platform, its major focus is on the performance. And maybe this is the reason that it outperforms all the other similar platforms. Most experts like to use codeigniter whenever possible instead of choosing any other platform due to its excellent performance.

Coding Principles

Codeigniter allows programmers and developers to use their own particular coding and naming traditions. It only limits you with few caveats that handle classname clashes otherwise there is freedom for pretty much anything and everything. At the end of day, codeigniter was created to liberate programmers and developers, not bound them in anyway.

No massive libraries

CodeIgniter is not attempting to be all things in one package. It is a simple MVC structure, with enough abilities to enhance your productivity. At the same time, codeignitor tries to be inclusive by accommodating outsider addons/plugins for extra functions and utilities.
PHP Codeigniter and Viftech Solutions:
Viftech Solutions provides excellent PHP CodeIgniter performance with nearly zero configuration overheads. Our development team has mastered the art to harness the power of CodeIgniter and use it for developing web applications.

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